Man Wipes Out Entire Family For $1,000 Stimulus Check (RIP)


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    so today we are looking at the man who Man Wipes Out His Entire Family For $1,000 Stimulus CheckJOIN KlinsterVIPArmy!!!!! NOW!!!!:


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    1. Miniklin

      Let me know what you think (ps. Original title got me demonetised 🙄)

      1. ItzDeme

        More free money

      2. OctoSpot

        Cus kill word bad

      3. Dylan Brower

        minikin can i have N WORD Pass please

      4. ShxyH

        could u not have re uploaded woth a different title

      5. Ye Yeezy yeezy lmao

        Hi daddy klin

    2. Jordin Crenshaw

      miniklin in ohio if you shot somebody you will get 15 to life in prison

    3. Omar Sanchez

      The title was kinda funny to me, sorry, I have bad humor, it’s more or less the phrasing

    4. Corbin's Beats

      2018 WTF SO LONG??????

    5. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2....

    6. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....

    7. brendon

      when the stimmy hit

    8. Gtmo55 Mack

      When I saw that title I spit out water

    9. Elicia pragliola

      The” no snitch” rule is different like W siblings no snitching when u eat something before dinner or some shit. Or W friends about who threw a pen at at a teacher. But if a mother fucker shoots a guy u telling someone b

    10. Elicia pragliola

      Americans r acc on something man-

    11. Bigcoochieboi

      Ur gonna get the stimulus check even if u didn’t kill the family

    12. Eli Hyoyohayuiyongostovintch


    13. bratnon

      k i l e d

    14. Donkey Donkey

      Tbh they should just give him life no questions asked

    15. Joshua Herndon

      Gotta do what you gotta do to get that stimi$$$

    16. Zeno Icy

      Squad wiped

    17. KeGaRay

      This "no snitch" bullshit is fkin pissing me off honestly

    18. Zanesclan

      I’m 16 and a thousand dollars is not alot

    19. Torei The Great

      I hate it here in america

    20. Sean digioia817

      Trust me bro don’t come to America I wanna move out of here fr

    21. GROVILE

      "police in america need to be better" well with the dumb fuck liberal retards telling them their every move is wrong,police are scared to do anything honestly.

    22. Koi_Invidious

      a stimulus check is paid for everyone in america, the richer you are the less amount of money you will get, but the poorer you are the more you get to keep it fair, the poorest that get a stimulus is probably around 5k the wealthiest people get around 1k. still isnt a lot of money but its much more than 1k. It varies, not tryna back him up for what he has done. dudes fucking stupid for killing his whole family over that shit.

    23. Jaylendagoat

      Absolutely nothing

    24. YourValentine

      great wby

    25. YourValentine

      great wby

    26. Fake Uzi

      Nah but like hear me out wit that $1000 you can buy a pound of that 🍃 and flip it for more ya feel me

    27. Silver Ace

      Is there a certain reason you want to know how my day has been

    28. Preston James

      People are insane!!!!

    29. Sd

      8:07 this niggas knock is wiling

    30. Amazin Ace

      How do I get my ✨Stimulus Check✨

    31. nicopradayou

      im 15 but ik for a fact 1000 aint shit

    32. 4ft caden ?

      if u get caught with a fucking butter knife ur getting years

    33. Dreadjr

      That's funny how before he killed someone he got a few months I live in the US and there are 14 year Olds who possess guns never used them and gets life in prison

    34. chouristic gaming

      Who’s mans is this

    35. Homie Megalodon

      Nah man he should not be sent to jail it's an eye of an eye isn't.

    36. Homie Megalodon

      I'm doing good my bruh how's everything there bruh I gotta say when Miniklin uploads it's gonna be a good day.

    37. Eternal Nick

      4.00 k/d

    38. TheDelinquent

      1k is not alot that shit is fucking little one rent paid you have like 20 dollars to spend

    39. RCM Gaming

      Yes they giving free money cuz of COVID lol

    40. Clutchdakid

      he hit an itachi

    41. Zabu

      Miniklin really said a butter knife

    42. Uzidictionary

      Stimulus was 1.4K in Indianapolis Indiana I know cuz im from there

    43. Justin Encarnacion

      This man really said I’m jimmy with the glizzy that’s going to get that stimmy

    44. glockyzz

      he “K I L ... E D” his family for uh fousand dollas

    45. Aka Jay

      On my pole

    46. Black Star

      Antarctica looking real good rn

    47. Monke Leader

      "K i l e d" - Minikin.

    48. Jordan Herrera

      im 14 nd from usa 1000 isn't shii

    49. Dark Lord

      As an African American, I fuckin hate this country, there’s nothing but bitches and snowflakes💀

    50. ツTheGoldxnKing

      He thought he was playing COD

      1. ツTheGoldxnKing

        Jk R.I.P


      Plssss bring back TBV 😂😂😂

    52. gutterwyd

      he's thinking on a different level bro

    53. Trapz24k

      Everyday in America 💯

    54. DrxppyRBLX

      bro off'd his family for a new phone, a gaming pc and a few bag of cheetos. crazy

    55. ExPliCit

      They should really just kill murderers like this

    56. GamerBoi 59

      America is honestly fucked i have no hope for living here you get like 2 years for child rape, 2-6 years doing drugs, and a year if even for killing someone. American is fucked

    57. T E N D I E S

      over 1k? smh people these days

    58. Mxrcel

      He looks like a gta character

    59. Platinum 2x

      Isn’t the stimulus check $1,400

    60. Macen Brown

      Really pulled and itachi

    61. SkiMASK Moni

      Man’s wipes his whole family and walks out 5,600 dollars richer

    62. Green Three

      Minikin-Talking about guy doing that to his family *elevator music in background*

    63. XielA

      A stimulus check is for people that get paid minimum wage and a little bit up, there giving it out for COVID and other reasons

    64. Wiser achiever20

      Bro my stim is $4,600

      1. Wiser achiever20

        No homo but shiiiiiiiiii I'm down for some gluk gluk 3000

      2. Wiser achiever20

        Thanks 😚

      3. Wiser achiever20

        You a cutie

    65. lamar

      I haven't been to this channel in a long time

    66. Coon Balloon

      Did he unlock the mongeku sharingan?

    67. TITO_302

      noice you just went up to 468 k noice

    68. Kamryn Harmon

      I miss the playboi carti intros

      1. Miniklin

        I miss your mum

    69. Theegreatjayman -

      See this is why Indiana people are fuckinh crazy (coming from a person who lives here)

    70. CHIPPツ

      $1000 for a team wipe. Pretty cool. (Dark humor)

    71. MrRobot016

      is it me or youtube verified you were you already verified or did i just notice

    72. akadrizzle

      First off he killed 3 people and a 7 year old. Over a 1,000 measly dollars. However many years did all of theirs ages added up to, that's how many years he deserves. No bail, no bond, no good behavior, nothing. And put his ass in solitary confinement while in maximum security. Let his ass go crazy on his own.

    73. NoWordsCanExplain

      A nigga bored here

    74. D'andre Peterson


    75. Eliitez

      ahhhh another miniklin upload

    76. L E O N

      buddy’s stimmy finna hit

    77. nikjames07

      This shit is sad

    78. Bagchasin Rio

      I got notifications that you posted let’s goooo

    79. Bagchasin Rio


    80. Israel Extra

      kiled 😐

    81. Styles283

      I’m pretty sure that parents get 1400 per kid not sure though

    82. Frenzo Not IOS


    83. Funnhi

      No my cousin got life plus 80 years for a shooting he didn’t commit and it was his first time

    84. Placs

      He pulled an itachi for that much?

    85. Toastychad

      That’s wut u call a squad wipe

    86. Messiah EatenNowdles

      You're right bro.

    87. Isaias Mejia

      What if miniklin was the snowflake the whole time. JK :)

    88. Nobody luvs you

      yo can I get a link to that intro song that shit is amazing

    89. DV Khyzers

      That Ain't America

    90. Teeko

      Where the hell was police brutality when this nigga was out

    91. Marney 123

      USA is fucked

    92. TQ mattr

      IRvision got him down bad he can't say kill(ed)

    93. MR_Raccooon Games

      He wanted victory Royale

    94. Tyrek Davis

      It was $5,600 dollars. Not 1,000

      1. Panda Duhhh

        @Tyrek Davis Dawg u gay

      2. Tyrek Davis

        You get 1400 per person in the house

    95. D_ROCK

      People can yet 30 years for selling drugs but when someone shoots someone it’s a few months and then they go killing more people this man needed to get life in prison the first time he did something

    96. s9crs

      Woke up made some cereal and now watching miniklin

    97. lil dot dot

      10:21 nah bro UK have guns but police dont use them like that... and in UK if you get caught with some big 15 inch knife your getting 6 months to 4 FUCKING YEARS no joke if you get caught with a shotgun then idk wtf your getting prolly 6 years for that one but it depends on the age of the person

    98. Lernie

      Yo minikilin he got charged for pointing a gun not shooting that’s why he didn’t get years bruh

    99. Jack

      Bro report this man he fucking team killed