Actual Grizzly Bear Eats Old Guys Face


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    1. Miniklin

      Fun reaction videos back!!! Subscribe if you new we tryna get a Mill!!!!

      1. Joseph Charles

        Play fucking dead

      2. Booga Chooga

        we need more

      3. BTC Dream

        Miniklin when someone says their vegan: 13:02

      4. CadaverPlays

        Btw the black bear is just called A Black Bear

      5. Step Bro


    2. Anonymous

      I actually brought my mom

    3. B[]l

      Why did I actually try to put in my phone number

    4. Toupi •

      9:28 boars miniklin

    5. Enrique Santos

      Go add my bro on tik tok @Experiment62

    6. F3ll0W

      1224- 3567

    7. Adam Stufflebeam

      Black bars have longer clause and are small

    8. Roger slick Lol

      Can u make more vids like this 🆎 animal pls

    9. Jaybowski 123

      I swear down the guy kicking that bird or whatever wasn't even talking he was like nomnomnomnomnomnomnom like your not the cookie monster.... Impersonater 😑

    10. ・ロビンソンイーサン

      whats the song???

    11. otb rando

      ik you didnt just diss lazar

    12. otb rando

      intro song??

    13. Jokers_YT

      the bear was tryna fuck that guy.

    14. Joseph Charles

      Fake dead

    15. Joseph Charles

      Dope kid miliklen

    16. Sheluvcomp1911 Xbox

      Was him and that fucking Bear was making out 15:21

    17. NRG_twighlight Edits

      I laughed the whole entire video

    18. Shamar Moses

      I don't thinks he knows that the bear is photoshop

    19. Michael Olu


    20. Jose Martinez


    21. TG MAR

      miniklin: "no pussies allowed". miniklin again: *jumps* 2:36

    22. GHOST AYT

      There are multiple species of bear

    23. Firing Gamer

      Black bear are lidgit called Black Bears

    24. Trayeyo Bro

      Him says morgs shows lazerbeam😂

    25. Random Guy

      the guy fighting with bird has me dead

    26. Don’t Sub

      Man was trying to run away from a bear wow He should have played ded

    27. Miniklin

      "Put it in.... Put the number in"*

    28. Aldo Cortes

      Aye horrid henry in the intro

    29. lightskin devo

      intro to lit blarke nd miniklin turn up

    30. shungite ,

      The song was heat

    31. Wimply

      "Put it in" ik yall said pause

    32. Quake

      Yo what song is that

    33. Rydder Strange

      I’d snap the turkeys damn neck😂

    34. Rehan Gul

      That's good that i never brought her 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. DC_Orbit

      You should react to more animal videos

    36. Zach Iceberg

      Wait wait what was the song at the start

    37. Garrett Tibbetts

      More vids like this plz

    38. eric is better

      Why did klin have to call him a old guy in the title

    39. Ethan Ryan


    40. Twin Sayians

      The bear in the bike scene got me

    41. AyoKenzo

      What’s the song in the beginning

    42. Roman Gradolf

      I want one year ago miniklin

    43. Sushi

      What’s the song called in intro

    44. Scattered.Bxdies -

      Bruh the intro of the video was actually a fucking vibe 😂

    45. Thatboirook

      🤣🤣That intro had me dying! I’m turning on notifications.

    46. m0ve

      Black guy bear

    47. styvr

      15:43 he said the hard r 😳

    48. Allison McKenna

      Black bear

    49. mad man innit

      My mum said you’re clapped

    50. Reaper

      The guy with the bow was spanking the bear with the arrow 😂

    51. Ryan Meli

      This was one of his best vids in a while. Couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. Nice job you wanker👍

    52. Clorox Bleach


    53. ASAP x Vibes

      Intro song?

    54. Hamiting

      My moms number is 076479153 SIKE THATS THE WRONG NUMBER

    55. Anthony Wojnovich

      Welcome to pennsylvania where we have bears coming at us every frickin day

    56. Sn’t Clair

      What’s the song

    57. Chemairo Hammen

      Yooo the song tho what’s the name of it

    58. Ekowiswokebackwards

      And I mean the bike one

    59. Christopher Yzaguirre

      What’s the name of that song in the beginning of the video

    60. StoveGetbag

      I see why lil boat the goat

    61. Seebass G.T.S

      Please watch a gorilla being dumb compilation

    62. Epic Stoncs


    63. qqvz

      Plays roblox

    64. your ma virgin

      15:01 This makes me laugh for some fuckin reason idk

    65. TrippleDD RDD

      White people amirite

    66. Dxrk Skys

      whats the name of the song he was jamming out too

    67. Megumi.


    68. Levi Ackerman

      0:56 thick

    69. Released9yne

      -6:11 That clip just had me on the floor dying 😂

    70. Snek Boi

      Grizzly bears- play dead to make them go away grizzlies will not eat dead prey Black bears- make yourself look as big as possible to make them go away black bears eat everything dead or alive

    71. CartiiiK

      5:35 really got me


      Get your hair braided papa mug

    73. Chad Marks

      Intro song?

    74. Layan Marvens

      My boy it's a black bear

    75. Layan Marvens

      Funist nigga on IRvision

    76. lil albeezy

      What is that lil Yachty song called that was playing at the beginning of the video

    77. miguelplayz

      Yes I enjoy this vid and I sub and like this vid

    78. AlternxteFN

      (2:34) Tell me now. Why tf door isn't locked.

    79. Carlos Mitchell Jr.

      What is song at the beginning

    80. That Pokemon Guy

      "Ok, lets get into this Bitch" - Miniklin 2020

    81. Deandre Price

      915 478 2571

    82. rTicks

      bruh u know theres a type of gorilla that dead ass have gangs and they fr jump each other and merk each other like they fr kill each other

    83. J U S T T X Y 悪 魔

      Yo the turkey mastered ultra instinct

    84. Baguette

      10:00 that bird is getting drop kicked the shit out of

    85. itsKrissyboi

      the intro better than the whole video

    86. itami 迅速

      Fire video klin

    87. Kamryn Harmon

      I trusted u miniklin

    88. Bald Bandokay

      That lion balls bigger than my head

    89. Moni

      What song is this 0:34 mini

    90. TinCanz :p

      Lol miniklin still lives with his mum 😂👴

    91. Zimir Wright


    92. Jadon Smith

      What types of intro is that

    93. ScAR Savage

      Intro song? 😳

    94. Danny Carrillo

      Bro my mom said how I put my number

    95. DAFT_ Pineapple

      This video was pretty good do you mind making another zoo video

    96. Johnjivar

      Did he just say morgz and show a pic of lazarbeam 😂🤣

    97. justin armstead

      Yeah i see this shit he was get ate

    98. IRunSauce

      Laughing the whole video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. B-money

      bro hit me up with that yachty song

    100. Sam Stitt

      "Animals are wild" ---miniklin 2020