Reacting To My Ex Girlfriends Tiktoks...


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    Right so today i decided to do something i dont usally do and take a look at some tiktoks but not just any tiktoks I Reacted To My Ex Gf Tiktoks And It Gets Uncomfortable
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    1. Miniklin


      1. Lucas Smiley


      2. xd spike


      3. CLG_rax

        Yes sir

      4. Dragon Jai


      5. sketchy_rifle0 gd


    2. EatBullets


    3. Christian Herrera

      When he ask about that shit on the girl wall she belong to the streets or she be with that zodiac sign shit

    4. Red_bull

      The thumbnail is true af. After a breakup, a girl always turns bi/lesbian

    5. The Wondering Myth

      He labeled them "Kids"

    6. MintyFlow1637

      8:08everyone heard the voice crazy

    7. Juan Rosado

      How could somebody cheat on you but love you more?

    8. Aige


    9. Diego Esquivel

      What was the skipping song pls repobdt

    10. WAKE UP


    11. Xd_jeremiyah

      Faze mug😂🤙

    12. Simon Ghost Riley

      Miniklin you have to use your phone me *connects bluetooth xbox controller and uses analog stick to like with comb* you underestimate my power mr klin

    13. Franz Campero

      My comb is made of timbre so i did it before u told me

    14. Dish Washer

      “ faze mug “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. NoWordsCanExplain

      Right before it said sike i was like dis nigga had a girlfriend?

    16. lil Shashi

      I M V E R Y C O O L

    17. eating bugs is my favorite Pastime

      Oh shit it’s the vibe dance in the intro I just noticed

    18. Langers_

      Managed to dislike with the comb

    19. Home Tube

      2:14 omg where did you get that picture?? seriously i need it as my pfp lmaoo

      1. Nicolas DeBari

        “Black guy smiling with yellow glasses”

    20. GxnzFN

      Bruh this is the funniest video ever watch

    21. snow

      8:43 walmart j.cole

    22. Sicko Gamer_

      Under 16

    23. Dragon Jai

      8:07 ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    24. Dragon Jai

      miniklin i think the thing in girls room is a dreamcatcher or some arty thing

    25. Bilal Khan

      8:09 lm dead😂😂😂

    26. elapziy

      We not gone act like he don’t look like sisco off flash

    27. Uncle Siege

      My first thoughts, I'm sorry what? 😂😂😂

    28. Aka Jay

      Title: 🧢

    29. bendy st41

      Its 2021

    30. The Blackable


    31. CURBKAGE

      i know u don't have a girlfriend, haven't even watched the vid I just know ur lieing

    32. ily hiii

      This video made me laugh he just kept roasting them🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

    33. supremechips

      Premier squad early

    34. Ya Boi Manny

      Tell me why lesbians always be wearing backwards caps

    35. Ronin Kaiku

      No u

    36. dfwu_direct_cluch _

      She belong to the streets

    37. TOXIC NADO

      The object in the background is a dreamcatcher it’s purpose is literally in its name it’s to catch bad dreams so people only have good dreams

    38. xxchris108x x

      Bruh it’s miniklin I know this nigga was gonna make another brother joke😂

    39. BurrdieTT

      7:58 '' I woke up, Chris breezy"😂

    40. no0dles

      7:57 I woke up Chris breezy

    41. Turaxs

      Nice James charles picture why you said ex girlfriend

    42. Water H2o

      Random voice: who cheated on you? Girl: picks Ex Random voice: who love you the most? Girl: picks Ex Me: if they cheated on you they obviously didn't love you the most

    43. Josue Morales

      Im on my knees after she drank the water saying she was funny lol 😂

    44. Andrew Martin

      8:07 mans was feelin Chris breezy

    45. Not Dxstrxtion

      U cure my depression

    46. everardosumano

      We shouldn’t be spreading hate or cursing. Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ and God. We should all repent from our sins for we have all fallen short of the glory of God.

    47. Hex Swag

      It’s crazy how this vid came out a year ago

    48. fazify

      In the second video it’s a tapestry

    49. Jo A

      that’s so crazy! you’re so big now!

    50. universe

      i dont own a phone

    51. V.A223

      12:10: Man said "CAN YOU GET A BOYFRIEND!" im ded🤣

    52. ironwarrior 3600

      Wait, she put water in minikiln's trash can when it said who has cheated on you the most, Did minikin cheat?

    53. gutterwyd

      fake, miniklin has never had a girlfriend

    54. Jared Collins

      he only has 468k subs because people are still trying to do the challenge

    55. xinon uzumaki

      6:24 Minnie Clinton on subtitles

    56. xinon uzumaki

      3:03 thought he was about to do the Kira laugh

    57. killer ooo

      nice neck beard

    58. MbuleloZK

      For the streets

    59. Kuranashi

      The moment kiln realises that they only mad cause the ex Cup is there bf/gf drink and the bf/gf just mad cause they shit getting drank

    60. Comadre Boxing

      Miniklin:I’m gonna stop with the insest jokes *5 minutes later*

    61. Vemund Seljemark

      “Facemug” Miniklin 2020

    62. vFinesseLordv

      Wtf is your editing software cuz I want it xC

    63. GHOST AYT

      Faze Mat

    64. karen is mean seiied

      I did it I liked with a comb also I'm 13

    65. TAIO Official

      we all know this dummy aint get no gf PS. ily miniklin

    66. Enmanuel Monte Estrella

      It’s so funny how you just edited the: boy 5,000 sum. 😂 I cracked

    67. Number1_Legend

      So u have more than 30 ex girlfriends .. almost positive ur only reacting to the bf vs ex challenge

    68. Fluffington

      Miniklin to smooth to get a girlfriend

    69. roblox king

      Faze mug!😂

    70. cesar killss

      That title 😂😂😂

    71. Stylenol

      Ur videos are awesome, i don’t understand why ur not pulling more of the views than ur getting. Keep grinding

    72. SiXial

      2:57 killed me lol

    73. redkeysown


    74. Harry

      *miniklin has girlfriend* me: so super man is real?

    75. Tiger Killer

      I think I saw the fat version of Muhammad Ali 😂

    76. Talal Al fuhaid

      Mans really thought we beloved that he had a girl friend

      1. Miniklin

        45k did.

    77. OOF Kool

      Kid 8 was kinda bad

    78. Kevin Huynh

      That second boy gru no 🧢

    79. I amHoodies

      4:43 Suffering

    80. lil_l3eaner

      "This is the last one" *Narrator: this wasn't the last one

    81. Nitro_ Different

      You had a girlfriend

    82. ROSÈ X

      why is half people with no bitch and 3 ex relations ships and other half lesbians?

    83. Reverse vBot

      I'm using Xbox so ez

    84. Juiced Tester

      At the end faze carpet was pissed

    85. Wet_pancake69 420


    86. Xd kai

      That 3rd girl belongs to the streets

    87. Joe Jones

      i just wanna twll u somethingi like your videos but ur intro is TOOOOO long shorten them

    88. CRIS_ DV

      Ayo my boy need money

    89. Lord Azvaxx

      I thought i caught him in 4k

    90. Depend


    91. ewads

      how can you mother like the boy that cheated on your daughter more? wtf is wrong with this world

    92. Black_Nova _


    93. Ilana de Wet

      i get the feeling miniklin’s name is fucking jordan or sum shi like that

    94. qwaps

      wow he played me with the title but he clickbaits every title anyway

    95. AMONEY 123


    96. MelloXD

      This why u single.. Love ur vids

    97. Joker Bomb TV

      Is this a repost

    98. Da_weeb bruhモーメント

      With a comb? I did it with my chin (this is not a joke)

    99. Critical Comrade

      4:22 woke up and chose violence

    100. pullupsquad

      5.5k likes with only 37 dislikes.... I can already tell it’s good content