IMPOSSIBLE Try Not To Laugh EDP445 Edition!


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    IMPOSSIBLE TRY NOT TO LAUGH EDP445 EDITION! we trying to watch this dude edp445 without laughing, will I lose? come see.
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    1. Miniklin

      (Video got demonetised even they said it was fine lol guess premieres coming back) Wanna help a brother out? Subscribe, like, comment & share ✌️💛

      1. Uchiha_ simp

        Ayyy bruh whats the name of that lil boat song at the start

      2. Zeeks lowe

        @Damian K what do you mean

      3. Damian K

        Stop threating me I am subbed

      4. Byron

        @Zeeks lowe he's not gay it's just jokes

      5. Zeeks lowe

        This guy is gay as hell and really weird

    2. Javelle Bailey

      Who's here after EDP got caught in 4K?

    3. S. H.ツ

      The turn tables am I right?

    4. darKRose _

      Nonce init

    5. Yaugzycookie Boi

      Alexis texas

    6. Nick FN

      Am so offended 😒🥶🥲

    7. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....

    8. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.....

    9. NiNE ALEX

      victoria june

    10. tyler francis

      lana Rhodes is my favorite adult star 🥵🔥😉

    11. just _snowyy

      what the

    12. POTS JR

      U can’t pause the video bro everytime that ur about to laugh

    13. Katara Trammel

      I lost

    14. YuZef

      My fav gotta be Nicole Aniston bcz she got dem mf malonkadonks or Evelyn Claire cz she's pretty

    15. Cameron Hawthorn

      6:08 tbh I think you are right There are a lot better EDP completions out there Not saying this one was bad but there are more funny ones out there

    16. Laylasmith

      I love your videos even tho I’m whiter than a snowflake lol

    17. iCryt

      The reason it aitn gud cuz it was made with kinemaster

    18. Kendal Howard

      3:23 edp445 everyone can have a piece of you

    19. panda panda

      what the fuck is wrong with the people who wanted him to watch this

    20. KamiRoll

      miniklin probs would have laughed at other edp445 clips cuz these ones arent funny


      Edp is on demon time with all this gay stuff

    22. ThaReaper

      yo check 3:24 and pause and check the closet, that looks like a face of a ghost or sum scary shit

    23. Nvepx

      Bro ur Chanel is dying😢

      1. WHATaOG

        It's not

    24. Zay

      I rewatched the video and still laughed

    25. CallMeDeCep

      Whoever made this video put the worst clips

    26. Jose TW Solano

      Dam miniklin u obese

    27. Steezy


    28. sCuFf

      How many times he said fucking

    29. Calify

      0:24 WHY AM I CRYING WHY

    30. monstermaome roblox

      I thibk edp445 should change his name to sdd445

    31. ZvX

      one question what's the one song that miniklin be listening to some thing with yea and half with with something else I don't know

    32. Elias Pacheco

      Mexicans be like what did I do

    33. AWESOMEtruth LOL ;D

      i miss youuuu

    34. Hawaiian Bread Andy

      Haven’t watched Klin in a while, missed this guy. Couldn’t stop laughing

    35. Quaylin Milligan

      I’m from tx and I don’t even know wat he’s talking abt

    36. :Near Rivers:

      Anastasia Knight I like braces

    37. CentMain 45

      Idk, it changes man. Currently, i'd say it's like Blair Williams. But it changes, there isn't like a favorite one really

    38. TAKEON_king King

      I was gone for 3 years and you have not changed a bit👌

    39. Brycen Nickelson

      That boy that boy that bus sus us

    40. DC Productions

      Okay my guy!!! You are watching the wrong thing. Watch the gun videos of edp445. Those are the MOST FUNNY ONES!!

    41. dattt boii

      miniklin never folds

    42. LzVoidxll smacked

      Ok so all you gotta do is show him something racist or gay back to back to back and he will have to laugh

    43. broken_heart 254

      Bruh everytime he's about to laugh he pause the video

    44. IT’S AdApT3Rx

      Eliza Ibarra

      1. Koru_GX 2


    45. ya boi drip

      I don't know why I laughed at the first clip when I rewinded it it wasn't funny

    46. DO Tyler

      I'm finnaly a member lol

    47. Shu Kurenai

      This is Thomas the train 🚂 he has never seen so much bull shit in his life

    48. DaReal JT

      At this point search one up cuz the ones they send are not funny at all

    49. Trickle Vibes

      I have never laughed at one of yours or Balarkes Try not to Laugh. Im starting to feel sad for you cause these people sending you shit have a shit idea of humour.

    50. they call me mario judah


    51. MawMasher

      I was watching edp and saw u in the comments 😂👌🏾

    52. STK_Takken

      only thing he laughing at is the mirror. but only when he in the frame . but tf he was on in the last clip

    53. Fardy


    54. luis chavez


    55. fangirl fn_


    56. i play Roblox


    57. Dhel M


    58. Jokers_YT

      about to yell at us ad comes and save

    59. Emjey 2301

      Swear he's a nonce

    60. Ralf The gamer

      Damn that racist bruh

    61. Sneky

      its simple hes a donald trump massive supporter thats why he hates mexicans 😂

      1. Lawless

        You do know Trump doesn't hate mexicans right? It's what the media said Trump doesn't like/support immigrants

    62. 炎院つBlankie

      Can someone have ray j skull f this man he off that 🌈👀 sustitvity

    63. TUxHAXX

      Abby rain,idk but she hit diff

    64. Sandee Delights

      Is he ok?

    65. Paulsstuff

      “Why is he always roasting Mexicans” Because he’s American, and this is why I’m ashamed to be American, because this is the type of shit we do :(

    66. Certified Wrlddd

      React to Coryxkenshin

    67. Kevin Rosario-Rios

      Not Funny

    68. Phantom Ice

      I meant hat

    69. Phantom Ice

      Do one with edp and eagles hwt it mad funny

    70. JayTheOKAGE

      Ngl he just chillin 🤦‍♂️💯

    71. The Jebroni

      0:15 Did this man attempt to twerk? Wtf was that jiggle?

      1. Miniklin Deleted


    72. Kamani Malundu

      this is not funny it weird ....

    73. Dariyon Owen


    74. Jordan Shepard

      BEST IRvisionR EVER💯(my opinion).

    75. ho lee sheet

      song at 1:30

    76. Dj Bullock

      Malistrip killer init

    77. Arianna Bartkowicz

      For the Mexicans watching this, I’m sorry for this guys mental behavior 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😐

    78. Arianna Bartkowicz

      Am I the only one who replays the intro jus to like jam out or.....😐

    79. Ching Wayne

      That that kinda hurt me doe

    80. ً

      4:28 had me dying yo

    81. Exoticzz

      U cheated lol

    82. Exoticzz

      No don’t stream try not to laugh

    83. ThomasWoodenRailwayJourneys

      The dislikes are kids who got in trouble by their mommy and daddy for watching video

    84. Freddyxkenshin Bang

      You guys are so funny I dying 😐😐😐🗣

    85. Kevin Bermeo

      miniklin made me laugh more than edp

    86. Finehairline

      Why dis dood look like steve wit a helmet on

    87. Flimzy

      He’s talking about football

    88. Ultrax_Xeon

      Impossible: :impossible: find the difference

    89. Nate paim

      I found the black leafy😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😂

      1. Lawless

        Leafys a commentary channel Minikilin reacts to videos two different things my guy

    90. newNEW

      im die

    91. Landon Redondo

      Miniklin made me laugh more than the actual video😛🤣

    92. Diego Muro

      EDP is a lot more funnier it’s just these clips aren’t that funny

      1. Lawless


    93. Giovanni Nunez

      The guy that sent you this is a social reject. Out of all the funny edp clip he puts this

    94. Nott Mark

      This was literally the funniest video ever

    95. Lebron James

      You are why I get through the school day

    96. Ghost The Golden Wolf

      It’s like this because these videos where back then before the IRvision stuff was happening and these are all skits that’s why He’s mad

    97. King M

      Literally the only thing funny about this video is your reactions bc the complication is bad asf

    98. goblin clips

      Whats the name of the song of the outro.

    99. catastrophe

      edp sus

    100. DeniedBoos

      That was just gay :/

      1. Lawless

        @DeniedBoos no I'm 17

      2. DeniedBoos

        @Lawless Soo u are 27 its alright

      3. Lawless

        @DeniedBoos I don't like it when kids that don't know shit about politics voice there opinion you have no opinion you are literally someone who would not survive call if duty voice chat your that young

      4. DeniedBoos

        @Lawless u fighting with a 10 yer old so I wanna see how weird ur for fighting with my age :/

      5. Lawless

        @DeniedBoos tf no why