Im Done, My Last Video...


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    Im Done, My Last Video...
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    1. Miniklin


      1. Dragon Jai


      2. Rock Lee


      3. SLD23 /superluigidiaz23

        I love your videos you did make me laugh and changed my 2020

      4. SLD23 /superluigidiaz23


      5. Rampz_fan_ _

        Poo poo pee pee pee poo

    2. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.........

    3. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.......

    4. Mr.J Jr

      My goals I guess to be a voice actor for fun and yeah get paid but for mainly fun

    5. Goku Black

      2019: This is my last video 2020: This is my last video 2021:

    6. zaelnnoonfromthemoon -

      ENDOFVIDEOKLINSTER2100 any on else re watching his vids ? in 2021

    7. Lol You mad

      I watched him at 1K subs. I remember them ruby rube videos.

    8. Samuel Prince


    9. Blewtho

      Doing this shit again every year at least trick the new belends

    10. StealthSecksy

      Coronavirus is a 98% survival chance

    11. Vro Nîggäß

      So many videos have been titled this 😂😂

    12. Poop Idkyo

      my goal is to be healthy

    13. Menace

      Leave pu$$y

    14. Native C

      Miniklin, I got covid and my smell is still gone 😭😭😭😭😭

    15. SewshyXD

      My goals for 2021: I want to start a youtube channel and get 1k by the end of the year.

    16. Money Bags

      2100 kdksjsjid

    17. JadenTheGamer

      niggas really fell for this shit

    18. godepix223

      all pepole got tested positeve ur not alone evreyone had it

    19. Talking Bout' Stuff TBS

      This again

    20. Aljx Gr33n

      This year my goal is to pass my theory and basicly learn how to drive and pass my gcses and make a indie game that hopefully you get to play and make some music or a album this year ENDOFVIDEOKLINSTER2100

    21. Sangudragongaming21 Tiktok

      wow we thought it was a lie but a year is real

    22. ETHN.

      you gotta stop doing this shit💀

    23. Roberto Mireles

      I've seen this title before.

    24. flxm4

      I was also diagnosed with covid and I also can't taste properly like C'MOOOON

    25. Roasting Fire


    26. big smoke


    27. isaac delgado


    28. Hydra Reaper007

      Where the klinsters at

    29. Christian Young

      Made my year bro💯

    30. SkeniS

      i got covid rn not a serious case

    31. ZamzaBerling

      How are you Miniklin?


      The whole 2020 I have watched all miniklin's videos


      Love miniklin and the klinsters

    34. Xenon Lmao

      You were so close....

    35. Arab towmad

      Latest video was 6 days ago

    36. Prince Nigward

      Get jojo physique and have fun and do good in school

    37. FaunaJay

      Is he talking to me

    38. FaunaJay

      Fat mini Klein

    39. With boiback


    40. Unactive.


    41. shxuzen

      My goal is try get my IRvision starting up 😩

    42. Maxwell Pinkston

      Early premier

    43. Circu Beats

      Endofvideoklinster2100 My goals for 2021 are to work on myself in every possible aspect of my life

    44. Melvin Lewis

      lol i knew it i just always watch the vids

    45. Isiah Pacheco


    46. ScreedLeon

      My goals for 2021 is to get 1k subs

    47. Jasaiah : 999


    48. weebman weeby

      Miniklin you definitely helped me get through this year cause I was able to smile and laugh at your videos and my goal is to be a better person. Endofvideoklinster2100

    49. xLxgend

      My goal is to finally start my yt channel cuz I got my pc like around summer last year and was just enjoying it until now but now I actually want to start streaming and making videos 👍🏾

    50. NotDaniel

      😭 Nooooo your the most funniest guy ever "Early premiere squad "

    51. TRY HARD

      My goal is to be a IRvision just like u

    52. Wolfus1x

      I want to be the best EU Fortntie Player With Good KD Also Improving my hotkey startagies with mechanics and become better at tarping Or be pro at Roblox Arsenal Put your comments below

    53. Amrit sahota

      600 k subs for 2021

    54. Joshua Van Onselen

      endofvideoklinsters2100, man it’s going good, actually got a girlfriend in 2020😆😆 So yeah, goodluck with this year MiniKlin, Keep strong

    55. Y'all niggas are Sus


    56. Marcelino Ramirez

      That's my goal.

    57. redkeysown


    58. IMBRIAN

      I also want to learn how to drive

    59. skyzlid

      I want to play for a football team and hopefully become a professional footballer

    60. Weeb Ackerman

      Yea right

    61. Komar Schmuk


      1. Komar Schmuk

        Btw I did watch the whole video

    62. Dante Adofo

      He acted like we actually fell for that

    63. Drunk4Dex


    64. ya boi drip

      My goal For 2021 is to be a S-tier basketball player IRL

    65. yooo Rety

      ah ha ha i wanna die

    66. ugly boi

      Lol last video but post a video later lol

    67. Hashirama S

      For another year I fell for it

    68. Marcus Torres

      The boys know whats happening

    69. Sherman_myth


    70. MrElijah NEON

      Hhaahahahhaha you fucking trolled me you AHHHHHHHH lol last video of the year

    71. s p a c e vortex

      Miniklin inspired me to start a IRvision channel and do reaction videos. I've been watching almost every video from him since 2018. I just want to thank Miniklin he probably won't see this but if he does I want him to know he is the best underrated IRvisionr in the world and I'm an OG fan ENDOFVIDEOKLINSTER2100

    72. Not_AilurusCoda

      stay alive is my goal

    73. TAKEON_king King

      Early premier

    74. Joshua Kwakugah


    75. Roman Farias v2


    76. Dynamic Bot Lewis


    77. Dynamic Bot Lewis


    78. Giovanni Goytizolo




    80. Person.

      I wanna be a professional actor in 2021 I wanna have a closer relationship with god

    81. Eren Yeager

      I remember he did this last year

    82. Brave Cb

      Nice video !

    83. evan alexis

      bro made this like 7 times

    84. Dr1zzy\cod

      Nooooo 😳🥺😢😭

    85. Tobori

      I want to hit 10K subscribers and release Merch

    86. Lorenzo Medel210


    87. Carboytiktok 1


    88. Talentless Yh

      Im depressed

    89. Waffliez

      Miniklin make a discord server

    90. YamiShadow

      My goal is to live

    91. Mark Henry

      1:28 Wish to never need to go to a job again? Just search for ,. *f u n d a i l y p a y*

    92. boby flecher


    93. boby flecher

      my goal is to do 50 sit ups a day

    94. XOMBIX


    95. Nerijus Vaitiekunas

      Me who lives in Eastern Europe video premieres at 1:45 AM bruh

    96. That guy


    97. TheHomieRev _

      Oh no, anyway

    98. Tyson s

      me when i see this "aw shit, here we go again"

    99. Playguycartman

      Ninja twerk

    100. Purple Giraffe

      ayo whatsup daddy klin