That Vegan Teacher Gets Caught In 4k


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    Right so
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    1. Miniklin

      😳 and sub? (Ps. Told you 2018 klin is back 😈)

      1. Aige


      2. Shocking Studios

        @ganigga it mum ♎︎♉︎♎︎♍︎♍︎♋︎♌︎♏︎♍︎♎︎♍︎♋︎♍︎♏︎♌︎♒︎♌︎♏︎♍︎♎︎♍︎♎︎♍︎♒︎♉︎♊︎♉︎♋︎♈︎♈︎♋︎♑︎♏︎♑︎♓︎♑︎♒︎♌︎♒︎♌︎♏︎♌︎♍︎♏︎♏︎♍︎♉︎

      3. ganigga it mum


      4. Ruben240

        Hey look its the guy who blocked me on Instagram❤

      5. Shocking Studios

        @Isaiahb Roars “Or for your 1IQ” *Proceeds to spell multiple things in their sentence incorrectly*

    2. Gamerbot 90millon

      We only watch vegan teacher videos to see people shit talk the vegan teacher

    3. christopher cartagena

      Yo skipped ten seconds right to when he said what you doin I got scared

    4. yourtrue_kareem

      Vegan teacher kinda sus she said if we would have known what they were shoving down our throat we wouldn't have agreed to it

    5. PHARAOH

      When he said pull your pants back up. I felt that

    6. Freddy Lazo

      If that vegan teacher hates meat eat meat made from plants

    7. 30s Rifle

      Bitch said “people born vegan” u fr? When your born YOU DRINK FUCKING MILK

    8. Bathin- _ -

      Um never had them down chill klin

    9. Shae Harris

      She makes people go Vegan

    10. cRaZyCuB YT ツ

      miniklin talking intro *interupts him*

    11. Heno-XL

      I’m vegan but she is just weird bro like being vegan is not for everyone (especially not that dog😳)

    12. call of games

      Am an overweight guy who wanted to be vegan but now after that am good cya

    13. BlazY

      Man gets us every time in 4K 😂

    14. Ultra

      *miniklin pointing his phone at me* me : 😑

    15. xDivine

      ayo wht was tht outro song tho

    16. More_sensei7

      Damn I’m early 😲

    17. Jordin Crenshaw

      i don't know how that woman is and im married

    18. xxx mikxy!!!

      Pull yo pants back up other people that aren't me😳

    19. yDurkin


    20. NotWispy

      Everything on that list is disgusting

    21. NotWispy

      She’s practically anorexic

    22. __GAMESPACE __

      Ohhhhh i forgot tiktok is down in the uk😂

    23. Elicia pragliola

      Basically she compared being vegan to rape, Black Lives Matter, discrimination etc. and just over the line shit saying that u won’t go to heaven if u eat meat basically scaring kids to be vegan-

    24. AsianSquidward

      Me was low key beatin my meat before I started watching the beginning had me dead as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. Ultra Mood Amv

      Miniklin got caught in 4k 😳 0:04 what the hell Is that shit.

    26. Kyle bailey

      Show me up in the back round i c u

    27. Obito Uchiha

      Min u could get canceled so easily

    28. RoFaNChus Roffy-Chan


    29. Luciano Pastrana

      Bro I haven't watched you in yearssss🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. YeeZy

      someone send this link to the video to me 12:47

    31. CaptainHugo

      if she really is forcing her dog to be vegan than she shouldn't deserve a animal. But im sure she just trolling she has already been caught out of the act.

    32. Heimei's clipbot

      9:17 im sorry to say this to all the ladies out there but he is true 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Carine Monthe

      It’s all fun in games when she starts building vegan assassins

    34. it’s I N S A N E


    35. Doc knowledge

      shut up bitch.

    36. Chronoghost

      God banana!?

    37. Blades of The Gods

      Eating a hotdog rn

    38. Sushi Khalid

      I bet here ancestors eat meat and see her doing this the like 5:50

    39. XdXd Jaunito

      1/4.5 of you video is intro bro

    40. Pheonicninja

      10:37 c'mon man play the whole clip

    41. Xentenz

      0:49 sowy

    42. Vintxge_Angel

      She said the hard r in a video talking bout equal rights or sum


      miniklin: aye what you doing :me wdym im eating??

    44. slushッ


    45. 2020

      Is it just me or did he gain a few 😂

    46. Mr.MovieReview

      How’d you know

    47. Musa Sesay

      Caught me in 4K 📸

    48. Naruto Usimaki

      havnt watched u in a month ive been suffering ;-; lol

    49. bee

      I was gonna go vegan to be healthy but I saw this and it’s just fucking put me off

    50. YSP 2003

      she sounds like alinity

    51. ZoinksYT

      Miniklin gained sun weight look at his chinnnn (we still love u bb boy)

    52. Jaybowski 123

      12:07 she can't cos then she would be involved in meat 😂

    53. Redd Love

      I haven’t watch u since idk

    54. that1cuban

      what about nicki minaj

    55. scuavebug

      i was takin a shit miniklin

    56. William Jackson

      Old cow

    57. Sam

      the dislikes were at 68, im sorry miniklin

    58. skny

      It's all fun in games until he watches the nword clip😳😳😳😳

    59. Zyaire Joseph


    60. Zyaire Joseph

      This is crazy bro😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    61. Angel Rojo


    62. memes for noobs

      13:13 look how skinny her arms are that’s because she probably doesn’t get enough nutrients in her diet she’s turning into what she eats a vegetable

    63. ?????????

      Technically dogs could be vegan but it would take alot vegetables to fill a dog up the only land mammal that is 100% carnivorous are felines but I may be wrong

    64. Demo

      7:21 funny dose she know what a sniper or any rifle is

    65. Enigma

      Wo what's in that cup miniklin

    66. D4vid_hits

      when he played the clip a literily whiped it out lmao

    67. hyper gust

      This intro is legendary

    68. Fancy Rat

      i was kinda scared cuz i almost dislikes it and he was like why u doing this 0:55

    69. Cleveland Brown Stoolbend Commenter

      Vegan Teacher Actin _Sussy?_ 😳😳😳 Sus Teacher (Help Me.)

    70. Gh0st_F4c3_00

      POV: some random guy in your recommendation just caught you in 4K

    71. Itsafish

      im sorry miniklin

    72. Conal Flood

      13:16 That's just what this video was tbh

    73. Vfx Panda

      I love that miniklin can’t be canceled no matter what he says it’s amazing 😂😂😂😂

    74. N.L.M.B swag

      He got me lackin😂😂

    75. Damian BC


    76. Troll Master55

      She’s just mad cuz his grandson didn’t give her MacDonals nuggets bru

    77. Zay GoesCrazy

      I don’t want to pull my pants up I’m taking a shit

    78. UnKnoWn shadow


    79. Young hazard Drip

      Aye I got shorts

    80. Zayan Kalam

      When he was like what you doing there i was like wait what I'm eating chees but then i rewind and saw the beginning .

    81. xXFizz TankXx

      I was picking my hair

    82. Dietrich Gill

      I like wanda maximoff

    83. Sound Art0


    84. Tornado Fazbear

      Me: casually eating cheetos Him: really? I go away for 4 seconds an you're doing this?

    85. Rencizo

      Im gonna eat twice as much meat so she doesnt make a difference

    86. ZEROICE

      Unless it is medically necessary, it would be abusive to put your dog on a vegan diet, the equivalent of not feeding your dog at all, in that you're not providing sufficient protein for the animal to thrive.

    87. Demon Nitrix

      bro the intro like at 0:5 and its soo funny

    88. Narius

      This girl knows she torches her dog and when she dies in front of that dog that dog with be like Alright boys meat is back on the menu

    89. Daquashaun

      She got seethru/grey teeth

    90. NEP TUNE


    91. Fulvio Gonzalez

      My pants been off 💯💯💪🏽💪🏽😤😤

    92. Horus Hancy

      3:57 the one in red looks strong

    93. zRkt

      4:29 “The **Ini’nit**” 😂 gotta love that accent

    94. Izpete :p

      Im taking a shit

    95. Crisp

      Is this live?

    96. Anbuscus


    97. Graham Argall

      What are you doin? Me sitting here holding my phone

    98. PAIN

      I coulnt put my pans back on because i was on the toilet

    99. noah corbett

      why is this ni@@a so funny

    100. Rabbit Gamer

      My boy miniklin was dying from thatveganteacher in legit 3 miliseconds