EXTREME If I Laugh I Cut My Hair I Grew For 5 Years...(Bad Idea)


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    1. Miniklin


      1. 101 Mi

        U laughed

      2. Don’t Sub


      3. Zooster

        miniklin what do you edit with?

      4. lilCapalot


      5. BaconDayt

        yoooo he just laughed cut your hai

    2. Tom Nook


    3. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2....

    4. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....

    5. xxx mikxy!!!

      Video = how do I respond

    6. certifiedm

      That pepper one was worse then those minecraft ones.

    7. Rikcai Davis

      8:03 its literally a diy water bottle

    8. christopher king

      1:39 is when the vid starts your welcome

    9. GRDS_SH4Y_YT

      I only laughed because of Miniklin

    10. TITO_302

      wait a minet wait minet you just said lol that means you laught got u hahaha khow im stupid

    11. Adam Stufflebeam

      Fuck snowflakes

    12. Jesús Novak Kingston Jagatic

      Yo miniklin how can we know if you didn’t laugh you can cut clips so you just need to cut the part where you’re laughing and so that you don’t cut your hair duuuuuh period. (Also not trying to be a mug not trying to test your nerves please don’t comeback at me period

    13. DonutKing

      Dude that was so even close to be funny

    14. Zac Dak

      wait i seen that funny video lol

    15. Zac Dak


    16. issacc renteria

      Bruh in the restroom in one of the clips the sink was the like and when it dropped the vid the like button got hit hard

    17. emnzck__

      Yo where's the post

    18. grape

      2:35 you laughed

    19. Perky


    20. Sigi Rodrig

      When you said omfg that was not funnu to minecraft dog you made me laugh bc you where so mad lol

    21. Svtrz VI

      I’m going to send a try not to laugh

    22. Charles Dupuch Jr.

      i laughed at the last one with the pepper dude shit funny as fuck

    23. Neville Gumbs

      I didn’t laugh

    24. Pookie Fn

      That was so funny wow I died laughing

    25. BHGxlijah

      React to majiin carp

    26. lll_gocrazy_lll Ok

      U should do imdontai memes

      1. emptyisntlegit

        They aren't funny

    27. Mhm Tui

      I thought you was gonna laugh at this...😔 I failed klinsters😔

    28. Money Bags

      I love that he messes with his hair every video it’s kinda cute

    29. King Von

      💥 boom

    30. LIL TIMMY

      He laughed

    31. Miniklin Shorts


    32. Wavy Buddha

      I know some actual funny videos, where the videos for him to react to them

    33. Minato

      it’s funny if you smile

    34. Toby Lindsay

      Ok. These memes are shit. I've sent you actually funny memes and u haven't opened it yet

    35. isaac ward

      Stop the cap

    36. BlackAcendedを

      Bro ngl the dude drinking water out of an iron got me

    37. A1Jaybeezy216 Confusion

      🍉 manz busted his Mellon on dat mopad

    38. IcE_BattleForce

      Guys if my calculations are correct he laughed at 2:36

    39. Bluniho L

      That was least funny thing I’ve ever fucking seen

    40. Splashy_water

      Damn the only reason I laughed was because of miniklin

    41. geen naam

      I cried because of the cats in the car🤣

    42. Justin Blue_eyes

      His tactic is that he pauses, right as he's about to laugh. Challenge: don't pause.

    43. Emid eagle DSKH

      This one was trash 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😔😤

    44. YoMarzi

      if you do twitter thread you loosin ong

    45. Dvr Dev

      Yo I like ya cut g

    46. Hea Builder

      Like it or not, I was eating ma whole dinner after I came back from school watching this BS, and nun of it was funny😐

    47. Tony.___. 3x


    48. XEN0PETER

      before i watch the rest of this video and read the comments this mans probably gonna roast every mf video hes about to watch *AHEM* THANK you for your time.

    49. YouTubeRaxZol

      He makes the videos funny

    50. Dani Kohanim


    51. Hyper - Edits

      Get dreads with that shit

    52. Melisha Porter

      Best edits

    53. Mxrcy fire

      Dead ass i have drunk out of a iron

    54. SD Clinic

      I was feeling sad now after watching this i cheered up a little

    55. SDR_Shriv


    56. Wouldyouglowme

      I like ya bus g

    57. SwiftY-KD

      It's 100% a Facebook mom that sent you that video.

    58. SSS Duck

      so unfunny it isn’t funny

    59. Tafari Martin

      It’s her pet snake I think

    60. FearZentify

      3:50 bruh this dude saying he lost once😂😂 look at balarkes channel😂😭

    61. Nickelbran

      Bra the funniest thing I found was majin carp and memes for I’m dontai but these comps you watch must be made be white people and sent by whites and I’m whites so I can say that

    62. its yo boy coby

      Just send him a edp compilation

    63. El Chinese

      Im here for the flame intro’s and the swaggy vids

    64. draker

      once a wise man said "LOOOOOOOL" :(

    65. Richy and alex crazy stufs

      I didn't laugh at anything my was like😑

    66. Thomas Thomas

      There not even funny

    67. Kallen Reece

      u fell of the face of the earth like an australian

    68. Alex Flores

      Who ever give him that they knew you suck

    69. Yxng Jay

      800th comment

    70. Jayking 278

      That was so shit bro

    71. TeamGolden


    72. LolPix

      Oh my God he laughed

    73. Collin Locke

      I thought you said a month ago you trim it

    74. Jordan Money

      who ever sent tha to minklin is lame nun of the vids are not funny i bet if i found a vid he will laugh ong

    75. JayJustPlay

      watch uncommon twitch clips

    76. Lamar

      The only funny thing was the girl who sat and broke the sink

    77. C-PORT Games

      Lmao I found that pepper on the cliff funny asf

    78. Splits Games

      Miniklin’s hairline tho😂

    79. Chris Fox

      We just dont get your humor

    80. Tokyo T

      Lmao I saw ur storys on insta and didnt watch this vid and i was gonna send u this same video lmfao

    81. PURE

      Watch memes for Indontai

      1. PURE


    82. J M 9 9 9

      2:29 the python put its weight on the doorknob and opened the door plus pythons are smart (like all other reptiles)

    83. itsyourboixavier

      That meme was trash

    84. X.Que.X.X

      Ight this try to laugh was the most boring I’ve seen you react to. Whoever sent you that had to been trolling

    85. Jaden Bass


    86. Ericka Vlogs

      Bro I don’t see no one talking about the first video in the beginning my guy was running like he was in devilman crybaby come onnnnb

    87. Alexandra Taylor

      Watch Lucas hardstop

    88. Alexandra Taylor

      Oh N0

    89. Marcus Allen

      His face and the edits get me every time it's not even the vid ever 🤣🤣🤣

    90. PlayboyZolyzzz

      It’s time

    91. Itz M1sty

      Ngl I could grow that much hair in less than a hair 💀

    92. Chris Clarke

      Baldski miniklin

    93. Jadon Smith


    94. Strucid1x

      Your lucky I don’t do t have social media you be so hard

    95. Nathan Ross

      Yeah this was bullshit, not funny at all

    96. Jermiah Cintron

      Only fortnite kid like these kind of "funny" videos my face literally was like this 😑

    97. monstermaome roblox

      the meme was trash your vids make me laugh

    98. BTA Apollo

      Need a gif of 6:17 to 6:28

    99. Steve boob

      If u really don't laugh watch a edp445 comp

    100. little tam1.0

      guys he laughs at random stuff give him random vids