EXTREMELY IMPOSSIBLE Try Not To Laugh 2020 (1000% You Will Fail)


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    The EXTREMELY IMPOSSIBLE Try Not To Laugh 2020 (1000% You Will Fail)
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    1. Miniklin

      Like, share, subscriber. And we’re cool (ps. Smiling is a loud stfu)

      1. Zombiebasher029 Easy claps

        What is the original vid

      2. Brian

        can we have more tntl

      3. Ghosted -

        @Syn - 😐

      4. Harrison Temple


      5. EWNetwork

        Love your videos man keep it up 👍🏾

    2. Weeb

      Alternative title: Lets see how broken Miniklin's humor is 2020(1000% he will fail)

    3. Usman

      ‘Humour in the future will be automatically generated’

    4. Arias Jesus

      Bro it’s the smile and the weezz for me 😂😂😂😂

    5. zykolFN

      I can only go 3 mins but the fart noise bruh

    6. Anthony gamer 19

      Name of the video he is reacting to?

    7. Pahvloo

      Does anyone know the video he’s watching ?

    8. Nick FN

      I couldn't even smile

    9. Manuel Serna


    10. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2....

    11. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....

    12. Cameron Hambrick

      This entire video was a acid trip

    13. Going 90mph

      There is a small perfect of people in the comments who can beat this man

    14. - domerr

      4:58- he cut it off n then says u woulda hear me

    15. - domerr

      0:17- i wish he released this video now n so he can do the lil nas x shit

    16. ItZzXarify

      Intro was a minute n 5

    17. Eyad Aboughrara

      5:12 😂

    18. Minecraft Minecraft

      what are those type of memes called at the start?

    19. just _snowyy

      i omost laugh

    20. Xentenz

      Everytime there is rdj i always laugh idk why i just funny looking at his face

    21. TCA Tokyo

      3:11 caught me way too easily

    22. Zxgaming

      Quit editing out your laughs 😑

    23. Miguel Florian

      Being the 100th comment

    24. Miguel Florian


    25. Miguel Florian


    26. Hi Hi

      The first half of the vid was to hard not to laugh

    27. Javier _ LF

      Miniklin gym member ship

    28. Isaias Mejia

      I'm 10 and I watch your videos and balarke too

    29. P҉l҉a҉g҉u҉e҉ D҉o҉c҉t҉o҉r҉

      14:04 Song "Waterflame - Blast Processing" .

    30. P҉l҉a҉g҉u҉e҉ D҉o҉c҉t҉o҉r҉

      This is so random. Its like YTP.

    31. Boredcivillian


    32. Roda Primal

      Premieres gang!

    33. Dophi


    34. callox mane

      im actually laughing hard to this 120p memes lol.

    35. Mxta


    36. C G

      Straight face the whole time

    37. Chloe Neilly

      Dang miniklin you gain a couple pounds g. But I'll always support you

    38. letlazer 22

      bruh he edited his laugh out

    39. BLADES 650

      hello im a time traveler in 2021 and people need another ylyl

    40. cookie/


    41. Yair Guevara


    42. splinto

      2:44 made me laugh😅

    43. lil S I M P

      Iam 14 and iam not a snowflake and a bts stans 😔



    45. Ultimate 2up

      How about every time you laugh one finger of your hand

    46. Ademola ABOLARIN

      So who else here laughs at loud chaotic things with no context.

    47. Haven Wave

      1:18 it’s the bruh 😂😂😭😭😭😭

    48. falafel apple

      4:36 😐

    49. Clorox Bleach

      this fools keeps editing his laughs out

    50. Juana Pedro sandez Juanapedroandrez

      So funny asf even it's a month old skill funny

    51. johnny duignan

      Miniklin got ✨wide✨

    52. Karate Kid

      I want the original vid

    53. CentMain 45

      12:03 Damn, a For Honor meme

    54. Sxiphon


    55. MoNkE mAn

      I just passed away through the whole thing 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Cobie-Rae Hart

      yoo this was premiered on my birthday

    57. Tyler hallett

      Just sayin, sponge ain't gay, he was gonna get married to sandy in one episode

    58. Kenz


    59. grape

      Leave the video link in the description

    60. RaineSZN

      React to the meme sheep or a meme complication

    61. 239Cue

      Miniklin your not laughing because you pause when your about to nigga

    62. RA Singh

      Minikin I feel your pain mate it’s too funny

    63. slic

      9000th like

    64. bubble_from_bfdi

      Well, I mean in 14 and I don't cry at these videos. B.D.E

    65. A J

      What’s the title to the original video

    66. SLEEPY

      What are these memes called and where can I find them?

    67. Desmxnd

      These memes are hilarious to me and I don't know why they're so retarded


      What meme is 2:11?

    69. Cool Deadpool

      What is the vid???

    70. Kanzu

      That was the best video I’ve ever watched

    71. Unactive.

      Little did we knoe miniklin laughs off camera


      why did the built different song make my day

    73. The One Deluxe

      Is it just me or was the video not funny?

    74. Sub 2 AlsoPhyx

      How does he think of his intros 😂

    75. Sophie Overment

      You should collab with spaz

    76. croun

      You should do this live without chat interfering

    77. Xross Productions

      Da GlîzZy

    78. Dave Tastic

      I wanna be a youtuber like you

    79. Dave Tastic

      Miniklin how do you edit your videos

    80. WolfLink450

      Bruh was talking to Kylo Ren at the beginning

    81. Karate Kid

      Whats the original vid😂

    82. Dante Morr

      Miniklin why your forehead you like the notification bell

    83. Aquatic _Shay

      Jüan on x games mode

    84. Victor :76

      I lost it when Tony stark picture came up

    85. Tristyn Thomas

      Why has all your videos/ streams so cryptic lately?

    86. Grant Weston

      ngl none of this is even making me smile

    87. Miguel Guerra

      But I wanna DM you but I can’t

    88. Azoric

      *laughing * *i don’t laugh*

    89. Mo-fi

      3:11 How, how did he do that 😲

    90. Peepee Man

      Imagine saying not laughing but editing all the time u WERE GONNA LAUGH😑

    91. Hëñtæi

      😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😶😐😐😐😐😐😶😶😶😶😶😐😶😶 😂

    92. Herobeans


    93. ScepticOn RC

      You laugh don't lie

    94. Mk productions

      Your laughing tho

    95. __GAMESPACE __

      Bro the ones where they just spam memes always get me

    96. Random Life with Sebastian

      the robert downy jr one had me dying, and i dont even know why. my humor is dead

    97. Austin Naugle

      “Never buy no gas from the gas station”- Random high dude

    98. Maxwell Pinkston

      Early premier

    99. AarongocrayZ

      i haven’t watch you in two months and you got fat 😭

    100. Tiger Killer

      You should have put the thing in where the dude stole the other dudes drink and he reached for it and fell out the chair it was at Popeyes