Wannabe Blood Gets Jumped By Crips First Day In JaIL (He Froze Up)


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    1. Miniklin

      It’s time!

      1. Aige


      2. SkeniS

        whhhhat how do u not know what counterfit means

      3. Abdulle Mubyula

        Ayy man I have a great video idea for u man react to jas the physical sowm shit like that basically she eats raw meat and even ate raw ball from a goat

      4. TTVndiaye

        @Hxzco sym u mug

      5. mohannad rashwan

        Miniklin wondering why he doesn't get much like also him Asking : like the video you with you water bottle

    2. Aige


    3. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon...

    4. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2..

    5. Mr.SergeantApe

      My step dad is in prison they don't eat that shit every day lol😂😂😂😂We visited him nigga we was eating Ramen ,Pizza,Cow Zones that nigga was lying 😂😂😂😂

    6. hakai-no-kiseki

      Counterfeit cash is just fake money

    7. 0Nify

      To much dip on ya chip

    8. hustla187x


    9. Glob 69

      What was that

    10. Haven Wave

      0:41 it’s the bruh😂😂😂😂😂

    11. Kurzar


    12. eating bugs is my favorite Pastime

      You have power oh come on

    13. Ezhaan Abdullah Ali


    14. Princessa K

      I watch beyond scared straight on Netflix I never knew it was on yt

    15. Clorox Bleach

      rip headphone users

    16. Landon Ayala

      What’s the outro song

    17. SuperFoxBros

      We always love that wocky slushhhh 🥵👌

    18. That_Twat

      He finally listened to me 😎

    19. W1G6LES

      Only good kids can like this comment 😤

    20. S Sandkeyyo


    21. Ek Savv

      9:15 i know alot of ppl in prison i facetime them sometimes and these niggas have playstations tvs phones jordans and other crazy shit some prisons even give you cookers idk bout americn prisons tho and in the uk u can buy shit like they have shops or whatever but its all expensive asf thats why ppl need so much money in prison like one thing could cost like £5 like even a fuckin snickers bar bro

    22. ZamzaBerling

      Mommy I'm scared of the "early premiere squad" comments.

    23. amirk7

      I think you have reacted to this

    24. The Crusader

      I come back after like a year, and i hear a wocky slush being gulped down forgetting how funny miniklin was.😂

    25. Mono

      i havent seen you dince you had 200k subs holy shit congrats on passing 300k damn

    26. lohck god of kyaa


    27. ingarix

      Not actin tuff but like i would scream and hit one of em i dont have the nervees and im 13 idgf .xD

      1. dawe

        You are so cool

    28. Chezz Nuggr

      Always gotta make sure I put on a second set of ears watching these videos

    29. Water H2o

      That man's name is TIP SUS

    30. PrinceWavvy

      So like did mg get clocked in the right side of bud face 😳


      Do a try not to laugh at plain potatoes

    32. 炎院つBlankie

      0:05 that’s sum good WOCKY SLUSHHHH🤤🥤@Farodbb

    33. erecervt trvrt

      your some posh guy

    34. haidenplayz6

      Counterfeit Bills are Money printed by someone that isnt the government, because here in the U.S the U.S Treasury prints out money, so people who print it illegally call them counterfeit bills because thats what they are

    35. guacamole nigga penis

      Miniklin is 22 wtf?

    36. Lumpz

      we got 23 savage in here

    37. First_class Gaming

      all of the comment early premier squads lets go me and intellectual: late premier squad

    38. envy ___

      Eyo bro can you just stop earraping or i wilo explode

    39. Dababy

      Miniklin every 5 seconds: pauses Me:😐

    40. Illuminate

      you know i gotta do it... who's here in 2021 !! 😂😭

    41. kay B

      Iv been waiting you minikaren

    42. connor h

      2:46 boy snitchin on himself

      1. Gianna_Playz

        6ix9ine? dis you?

    43. Ayanna Nevarez

      Man I’m 16 and I got a curfew, but I don’t go out. 😂😂I’m always home.

    44. Rosesushi

      Rip headphone users @ 0:03

    45. bonecusher 1066

      Why that nigga steven look like Morgan Freeman

    46. jelly.


    47. ManLikeJW

      ngl miniklin does the best edits

    48. zayloe999

      You have seen this

    49. Q- R

      This had me creasing 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Vursit RL

      Funniest IRvisionr I’ve watched within my 14 and a half years of living this shit so funny

    51. Purnima Dolly

      Take a shot everytime every comment says "early premier squad"

    52. KingLoKo

      Family members send em money and they trade for snacks and other goods if ur broke and ur family dont care ur screwed

    53. KingLoKo

      Who beat ur ass

    54. n

      loud = funny

    55. TGP00 The Morgiana Simp

      I swear on god and heaven I saw my uncle

    56. ryan wout


    57. Majin Kyoko

      I swear this is the only youtuber that had me laughing

    58. charis johnson

      He ain snitch he told the truth bc they knew already about it he ain say da name but ik dude he got shot I can say ik who else was there and got away

    59. BUBBLIX :3

      You should make a video of letting ppl roast u, like post something on Twitter and yea

    60. Russell young

      an officer should make them bath with other criminal and slap the soap out their hand and then say brace.

    61. mangekyosharingan

      Good ass video

    62. Sloth King

      @8:07 Miniklin.exe stopped working

    63. SquishyTomato29

      I’m 13 but I didn’t cry so ig I’m 16

    64. Lucid eXpress


    65. Amazin Ace

      But for real though, what is counterfeit money?

    66. Tracie Vaughan-Jackson


    67. Cavern CODM

      idk why but i lost it when he said “So.. you and YO NEGA” 🤣🤣

    68. jjcoolness

      Bro u already reacted to this video

    69. TheyLuv .Trishton

      metro boomin make it boom😩

    70. Ked_106

      You won’t believe me but I actually liked the video with a water bottle on a phone yooo

    71. Xavier Wilson

      I actually like what my water bottle

    72. Inferno Clips

      he didnt snitch on his self they told him to say all that stuff so the people watching know why hes there

    73. Draim

      9:41 gets me all the time

    74. The King

      Like the top I got the hoody

    75. Mizo animations


      1. Mizo animations

        Its confusing

    76. Mizo animations


    77. Giimesomecrackerz PHD

      There feeding us peer testosterone

    78. IRAPROXZYY _

      Im 12 almost 13 and have a deeper voice than miniklin, they feeding us fucking chicken hormones or something because my cousins in Mexico are tiny as hell

    79. Scum Goon

      Your mum drives a car.

    80. carri

      I don’t have a water bottle rip lol

    81. Veggie

      2:35 I’m 15 I’m 6’5 (from America)

      1. Veggie

        Worded that like a tard

    82. Andy M


    83. Charlie Strom

      I got an AM I GAY ad

    84. isaacpOd

      Crips where you at😤😤

    85. Jynx Jynx

      I did it

    86. Cameron Hawthorn

      9:28 prisoners on death row get luxuries

    87. Samuel Plays

      Miniklins intro be off the boof

    88. Luka Šarić

      I feel like there was no ending to this video.

    89. Sunky

      Bro I haven’t seen your vids in a month,it feels good to be back here

    90. Gabby Herrera


    91. Gabby Herrera

      It’s time!

    92. Pet Emporium

      Deji meme yes

    93. Random words because I’m disappointed

      When early squad late😪😪

    94. SHOOTER

      Next title: wanna be mexican goes to jail and meets a mexican😳

    95. Slender iOS

      Phantom forces ain’t cod💀💀💀

    96. TR1NGLISH

      I have an idea: Miniklin laughs at the beyond scared straight scenes... So why not put it in the try not to laughs that he always passes?😁😭💀

    97. DA_Wrench

      Damn miniklin I got AirPods in 😂

    98. Sd

      No cream,no oil,no coco butter,no vaseline and no mcd's in prison im good🙂

    99. Damien Palmer

      I'm not a hater by any means, i like you and balarke's channels. especially when you guys do vids together but the one thing that like i dont like about your channel is just like... when you do the voice distortions to your own voice... like straight face 9/10. "nobody asked" ik, just didnt know if anyone out there agreed.

    100. Jokers_YT

      “HI HOW ARE YA” Cringe Intro.