Meet My Girlfriend....


63K بازدید5 guys i think its time i explain in this video. time to meet my new girlfrined.
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    1. Miniklin

      It’s time...KlinsterGang Where you at!!!!! Show me you alive still in these comments go crazy

      1. Just_MCX


      2. Koroski

        Where’d you get ur Apple Watch strap

      3. Rwoiz


      4. vbzb

        I saw that ye she does have a breathing problem she’s still breathing that’s the problem

      5. Soggycloud125

        welcome back

    2. It’s RUBYON

      Big Daddy klin is back

    3. Demonic_cakes


    4. The Egg


    5. Omxe SZN


    6. Mr. SADMAN

      2:43 also what clip is that from?


      Ngl he trolls is every time I kinda wanna unsubscribe but... now I realized how much content I would miss out on 😂😂

    8. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.........

    9. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2....

    10. Andrei970

      Song at the intro?

    11. Christ Claude

      he realy got me

    12. Roasting Fire

      TLDR: It's Fake

    13. Zuko Wolfz

      fake right? if not then good for you

    14. Beanz z

      yt unsubed be fuck yt

    15. Tellem

      bussdown chain

    16. TLOxGaming -_-

      Dammit miniklin

    17. reall stiffyy

      Nigga bank account was running out 💀

    18. rage master

      What’s his real name

    19. trikid

      Miss u daddy

    20. gaming_eagle 000

      i was da 100 dislike

    21. Wrusty

      5:40 I thought u call us klinsters

    22. SK8ER __

      Lowks I did miss watching this guy 👍🏼

    23. yxung holyj

      We not yo friends we yo boyfriend's nigga mwuah

      1. Noodle Snipes


    24. YaBoiSycho

      Bro watching Corpse and Dream has been asssss

    25. YaBoiSycho


    26. Coolkidclaps

      Missed u bro

    27. Z40 BOSS


    28. Z40 BOSS

      Don’t get off IRvision or I am going to call your mom

    29. SpxyWalkinTV

      I fell for it 😔😔

    30. Linden Zenzys

      What was that intro song?

    31. Funtime Twisty wolf 99

      ...most of your viewers can't spell for shit

    32. dxmiann

      fuck u nigga

    33. Elicia pragliola

      Plz it’s not easy I knew u were playin 😂

    34. Sahar Azim

      Got played

    35. Cacophony_of_Minds

      It's been too long.

    36. zPERVY-SAGEz o


    37. aLpHa SpLaSh

      I honesty thought it was going to be James Charles

    38. Jordan Gomez

      Aye let’s go your back mate

    39. Surols


    40. letlazer 22

      The fucking thumbnail 😂

    41. Cracked Gaming

      I see ur watch and chain look at the ice

    42. Cracked Gaming

      Ur back

    43. OverTheHedge

      Did miniklin get fatter!1!

    44. Al'Jon Jefferson


    45. IfeCap

      It’s fine we had balarke in the mean time lol

    46. Maxthedevil

      Made me watch the whole vid y u gotta do me like that my guy 🥲

    47. justcallme_ Mj

      You 22?

    48. //.

      Your a master baiter

    49. Boikanyo Bk

      can someone please tell me the guys name at 2:43 so i can find the meme

    50. brian lamperti

      you fukcing uploaded pog

    51. Tz

      I need that song at the start pls

    52. BOFLEX

      The beginning song is called problems by addivt ur welcome

    53. ΞCl0udzΞ

      its been a munite since ive seen a vid

    54. inmybag?

      me just realising this dude returned and questioning where he at then realising we have the same jumper and forgetting about my question

    55. Kevin Gardner

      big klin in da building

    56. Papapapalpap

      Hey miniklin can you react to some morgz

    57. Sqxrg : l

      Missed u man

    58. CheeselyAnger

      Does anybody remember a game site called miniclip, close to miniklin we're getting closer and closer.

    59. OGJAY

      your gay for that

    60. RECKLESS

      Bro looks 17 not 22.

    61. KingRice45

      HES BACK

    62. Eren Yeager

      Daddyklin is back in action

    63. Acore4747

      lack of social skills is not normal and is something that should be worked on. I have social anxiety. But i work on it. Although i still hate most people sometimes and don't wanna talk to anyone at times i still work on it

    64. Remedy


    65. Samurai Clanz777

      Does anybody know the song that plays at 1:30? Slaps



    67. Television

      Daddy’s home 🙃😏

    68. Butterfly Estate

      Him: you guys are very annoying Me: awwww he called us annoying! How cute☺️❤️❤️ Him: very very very VERY- Me: AWWWW HE LOVES TO COMPLIMENT US😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️

    69. NUS PI

      day 124328 of asking Miniklin AKA Dave to react to nothing

    70. Zarahar

      Minklin = Kira Yoshikage

    71. Amia Bell

      "Early+Missed you klin"!

    72. Lynn Mulhall

      Minifuka back fuck yeah

    73. Valiquity

      so what I got from this was you're petty, straightforward, and dumb

    74. oneandonly_Hydro

      whats the intro song?

    75. Mar

      🧢 I KNEW IT

    76. Kamron White

      h-he got me..

    77. Franco gaming Franco

      I forgot you even lived

    78. Loverwrld

      Well you were gone i started watching dream😪

    79. Bryson_THEONE

      Barry the OG niggas only remember

    80. Jaay

      He caught me😭😭

    81. FNQuinn

      🤣🤣🤣Random channel pop on my feed I thought he was a whole bitch until I saw the hair on his upper lip ... IRvision need to stop playing.

    82. Noah Westbury


    83. Tsuki-San

      That’s illegal

    84. darian voices

      Hes gotten a bit chubby at miss u tho man glad ur back

    85. logz

      He changed .......

    86. Xul

      He came back with some drip

    87. She. Loveme

      Aaaaaaaa broooo you finally going to lose your V card

    88. bl_p.j

      what's the intro song

    89. Sneaky Zombie369

      King Miniklin back at it again! Welcome back man!

    90. Childish rage Kid

      They finally FREED MINIKLIN 🤘🏾🧑🏾‍🦱

    91. Gushy X


    92. ImJndn

      He became to very thing he hated, cringy youtube channels.

    93. visuals

      finally shit took long enough

    94. J U S T T X Y 悪 魔

      This dude is like my dad hes on and off

    95. Zainoid


    96. not a alien

      This man left us and then came back with a video which shows him sleeping at start Stop laking mini bitch🤣

    97. ykjemon

      bro minikiln left to get some poon lol

    98. WVW

      We all miss u

    99. Burna

      I saw ur donoation in Bruce’s stream

    100. Micklos

      ur gay