People That Hate Gae People Meet Gae People


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    1. Miniklin

      Sub & like

      1. Bloody_ Weeb

        no you mug

      2. Burnt Fried Chicken

        What's the intro song tho

      3. Dio Brando


      4. Xylix

        @rajaa rasool What?

      5. rajaa rasool


    2. gaming with slllslll

      The bible does not describe anything about homosexuality being wrong.

      1. gaming with slllslll

        Im straight not gay btw

    3. Alex Perry

      I don't wanna sound like a Jahova witness but search up Jimmy swaggert and listen.Just do it

    4. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.....

    5. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.....

    6. Peik A

      How tf r people triggered? He’s being as respectful as u can be, he even defended sum of the ”gae” ppl sooooo...

    7. Christianmess

      IM homophobic what abt it

    8. xandy

      frafrarada wr a rre rfahfgy hdgqrfa edad ejyuoggh qa12 e2wtv hn

    9. Lukas Tournebize

      Sittin here thinking about lucii when he grabbed em Ritz

    10. Burning bacon

      She said "Your to pretty to be gay" Wtf does that supposed mean

    11. Verifiedr30n _yt


    12. Fizzy

      This shit must be fake ain’t no way

    13. Bruno Bucciarati


    14. Blingmoney

      Their is no way that video is real😂 That vid had to of been a joke with actors or sum🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    15. Andrew Papazotøs

      that video you watched was kinda gay tbh

    16. Toe

      miniklin says he’s straighter then a line made with a ruler me: can’t make a straight line with a ruler

    17. The Right Quantity of Cringe

      Why the acting like the gays say pineapple belongs on every pizza

    18. The Right Quantity of Cringe

      2:52 2:54


      That sidemen clothing looking good 😂😂😂

    20. Masked Gamer

      It's something uncut would make 🤣🤣

    21. Kimchii

      mans nose built like squidwards house ong!! i’m playin i love ur content keep up the grind brother ❤️

    22. Kymani Brown


    23. SCEPTER_KliNgLeR 99

      Why so many add

    24. Sam Stitt

      That moment when your a homophobe: 5:22

    25. YourOldCoffin

      Big yikes

    26. Aicen Yolo

      Aye I’m your 9k like

      1. Kimchii

        who asked

    27. Luhfe ,


    28. Travis Scott

      Plot twist... they all gay

    29. Luis Villegas

      type in the unreleased music in your video description please😶

    30. Isreal Ochoa

      7:11 this is why u dont have over 500k but no hate love vids

    31. I eat ice

      Honestly I don't care.

    32. Skrlet Legend

      What’s the song in the beginning

    33. Ishmael ASMR

      Can someone please tell me what that song in the beginning is called by yatchy

    34. Kali Garcia

      0:24 Ritz are bomb as fuck

    35. Vegeta Sama


    36. Jose Medina

      Lol there’s no way this video is real...

    37. Zimetrical

      Saltine crackers are better ._.

    38. Kev K

      Lol you said which one is gay

    39. Nicholas Daniel

      I’m not gonna get up cuz I’m in my boxers😂😂😂

    40. QUIX OTIC

      *Yes that intro, is going to the certified swag classic folder.*

    41. KawaiiBlossoms

      My boi lookin like a cow

    42. sushi

      y is a 4min video able to be turned into a 12 min video

    43. trappz _io


    44. First_class Gaming

      3:43 borderline illegal

    45. OFFTheB00F

      She did not need to do the cross thing around the gae girl that was so disrespect yeah its against the religion but u can still talk to a gae person

    46. Tower_ Vlogs

      What’s the song called in the intro with balarke dancing?

    47. TheyLuv Jahcere

      0:25 just your average everday miniklin intro 😭

    48. Burnt Fried Chicken

      What's the song in the intro

    49. Carter Dawson

      like I believe in god but I don't trust shit the bible says because anything human touched is corrupted also it says man shall not lay by boy referring to pedophilia

    50. Diane Vega

      The how do you kiss part and let you look pretty to be gay got me dying of Laughter😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Diane Vega

      I go to school online and in person

    52. Sosa

      Ben watching miniklin since like 98k

    53. Laptop killer

      1:25 song plz

    54. King OP

      10:34 bro was speakin fax

    55. Yahari Neé

      I'm a christian but even I know how to treat everyone with respect. I may not believe in those kinds of things but I won't shove my religion down someone's throat because of it. If you're gay, be gay! That doesn't make you any less of a human than me❤️

    56. Shrompy

      I am homophobic

      1. Claw


      2. Shrompy

        @Tummytuck Lom that doesn’t even make sense. Also nothing’s funny again I play gta 5, all sorts of cods, and human fall flat😐

      3. Tummytuck Lom

        @Shrompy you would be a fortnite kid 😂

      4. Shrompy

        @Tummytuck Lom then why u listening if nobody ask

      5. Tummytuck Lom

        Nobody asked

    57. bobby ham

      0:41 i actually jumped at that lol

    58. Hydra Blade

      One example with one word: Crusade. If you get, it you get it.

    59. jail jormangandr


    60. ur mother

      bruh poki

    61. Saaubi


    62. don shaji

      Bruh poki

    63. GHOST AYT

      I just wanted some Ritz


      Yoooooo I lost my IRvision acccount and just got it back so I could find your account

    65. stefan petrovic

      I’m brought up to believe in god but we don’t treat guy people like there god dam Anabel or the ring

    66. pa ws


    67. RMGJ

      She went full exorcist on that gay woman 😂, i lowke kinda feel bad.

    68. NotDaniel

      do you mean gay not gae ok

    69. OV Arceus


    70. david yt 67

      Can u reply? plz

    71. Vivmine CL

      God made Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve, am not a hater, I will treat every one the same no matter there beliefs, but let this stick in people's heads

    72. andre's daddy

      Gimme that lil yatchy song at the start 🔫

    73. TG Shoota


    74. elvishchicken21

      5:59 that is very true

    75. Sicnis

      when realize he is wearing a sidemen t shirt

    76. Yandel Ramos


    77. TG Shoota

      Every one like his video he had a headache and still filmed for us

    78. Swootz

      ok mugs 💛

    79. King Von

      💥 boom

    80. Trippy Hard

      Guess what? You got a new sub today that's awesome right?

    81. cudie CLE

      You div

    82. CaptainHugo

      "In the bible it says its a sin" Yeah I also thought god said respect people for who they are right?

    83. MUTATED RAT Yes


    84. Mop Head

      09:30 what am I doing

    85. Gunna Fc

      Wats that song called

    86. MrRobot016

      is there gonna be any uploads

    87. Jay WRLD

      This dude underrated asf

    88. KcislitGaming

      miniklin reaction to chills song stranger chill is the guy who talked werid in the top 10 video its funny and also good have a good day and i love your vids

    89. synth_storm


    90. enVI_lax

      I just realized people that never met a gay act like the person got coronavirus or something lol great vid bro

    91. Twisted Wolf Gaming

      5:30 spitting straight facts here homie

    92. Nott Mark

      The next day never came

    93. TG MAR

      bruh my account got banned mate. my cousin made me one still watching yo vids mate

    94. J Gaming

      Intro song - lil yahty birthday mix 5 - 9:56 your welcome

      1. Cyber Duck

        @J Gaming oof 4 hrs just for a like and a reply? I feel u man ✊

      2. J Gaming

        @NA!M it took me almost 4 hours to find

      3. NA!M

        thank you

    95. Nathaniel Clough

      What is the song at the begging of the video??

    96. Laz Beats

      Song at start ? That shit fire

    97. Iśhflame

      Is milkin muslim

    98. N O R I A

      Miniklin wit da sidemen

    99. Alaskan AK

      Even me and my pastor have gay friends even though we’re Christian. I don’t agree with it but I’ll still be their friend if they’re cool.😎

    100. Young M.D

      I cant breathe this vide is so funny