EXTREMELY Hard Try Not Laugh (Tra Rags Edition)


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    RIGHT SO today we are reacting to. EXTREMELY Hard Try Not Laugh (Tra Rags Edition) good luck. dont laugh.
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    1. Angelsucks 101

      Imagine not being ig or Twitter gang

      1. XL-infinity gamer69

        nice very nice

      2. Mehmet Kocager

        Twitter is shite

      3. FBI OPEN UP


      4. Dillan Parmar

        Na mans part of reddit gang 4 life

      5. Theokaj

        Yo imagine not being in that gang CRINGE

    2. Angelo contreras

      11:15 he stopped it

    3. Angelo contreras

      Paused it right when he was about to laugh , you took that L

    4. Barry

      Miniklin looks like a lightskin deji lmao

    5. Racen 58

      What dose the red shirt mean

    6. Kyatts

      Miniklin is like a less weird less sus balake who doesn't make me want to play vr..

    7. xvlensv

      bro why

    8. Cj the GREATEST

      song is called ken carson- high as shhhh

    9. Simple WRLD

      are you dababy🥶🥶

    10. Nick FN

      Omg I reached for it

    11. chakydd

      Don't smile next time if you really bout it!!

    12. Hyper - Edits

      He was gon laugh in the 2nd vid but paused it 2 times

    13. flashingbone

      bro how tf is any of this funny i wouldnt even consider this humor

    14. KingCobra 8

      Black airforce energy

    15. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon...

    16. Drill_central 3

      Yo miniklin, how has your day been?

    17. McDingus Parposstruos

      That champion sweater looking kinda sus

    18. Yure#n king

      Nah maybe don’t pause the vid before you laugh

    19. Fatherly Figure

      straight face gang

    20. Hey I’m Rage

      bruh i havent seen this man in a long minute.

    21. DyNamiic clutch

      You ain't gonna catch me lackin miniklin

    22. Monica Taylor

      I’m good 🙂 how was your day:me pulling out my phone: you thought I could get me hahahah I got you 😬

    23. Foxy ll

      U cut in the last vids Miniklin:0_0

    24. Deji Olatunji


    25. DC Reapper

      When miniklin looks like tra rags

    26. - domerr

      he said 10k then 5.6k lol

    27. JustSeji

      4K man

    28. Darkflamer

      I’m sorry but I’m going to be completely honest. Tra rags isn’t funny I don’t know how bad ur sense of humor is. I can’t even see why he’s funny. I don’t even know who the guy is never heard of him.

      1. DTL

        Nasty joke

    29. A_T_G

      how are u realy my guy

    30. Lil Mcdondoldon Squad

      I fell like he need more than 400k I fell like he need around 3 million subscribers

    31. stop

      I was that hand I was fuck na phone went flying

    32. o3ru


    33. Conzey

      yo hows your day bro?

    34. — Playnd

      Nigga pauses

    35. Kallen Reece

      the shmuck has returned

    36. GG SHADE

      We back this episode prick

    37. KINDA_SKETCH:\

      “Who said I knew who he was?🧐”

      1. CallenTheGamez

        Why did I see tray Rex at my school???

    38. NimbusTheCloudCoupeジ

      aye bruh, ima need that intro song

    39. IMT DUCE FF

      He pause the video when he about to laugh and then starts talking say your shit after the video is done

    40. Marksman Andrew

      Miniklin called me a little shit after saying happy birthday to me 🤧😂😂😂

    41. Lil_ Juice


    42. Zaiden Singleton

      You can’t his editing is funny as fuck

    43. sewshys

      im really punching the air

    44. Jaden13 The young gamer2.0

      U talk so you can’t laugh 😡😡🤬🤬

    45. Abdulla Alhajeri

      How are you bruh 🙂

    46. Pablo Escobar

      we don’t care about your storys miniklin

    47. HyX Ama l Gfx

      This mans has some power called.... desire.

    48. Swaggy A

      I’m getting old Klin vibes idk why

    49. Blazzingjay Blazzingjay

      Good how’s yours this was so funny🤣

    50. CatsCommentary

      Jiggahlang biggalang fuh o yeah

    51. A Menace to society

      Who said I laughed?

    52. Ossro Edionwe

      So does miniklin know his net Worth's is over 1GODDAMN MILLION

    53. Daniall XX

      When this dude miniklin smiled I never even smiled throughout the video

    54. Hot Box

      I thought he was tra rags 💀Im over here like why tf he got a wig on

    55. Spoon Gaming

      Stop talking during the video just to make ur self stop laughing.

    56. Nice random person lj

      Man watched 4 videos

    57. Speder Games

      Y do you delete your videos

    58. Tripple Acee

      Any FNG fans here?

    59. Markus Øverbye

      Damn Miniklin, I haven't watch your videos in like a half a year or even more and damn you've gain mad weight

    60. Splinch Splonch

      every time he says nigga i cringe, maybe its just the accent but the way this nigga says nigga is off, its the same as if a white dude i didnt know was saying it. idk rel, looking kinda yeasty ngl

    61. Dock speed God

      So basically what he was going to say that three racks has his character with the red shirt he makes things complicated and after you beat people up that makes that actually makes stuff complicated

    62. Kuro Uchiha

      Dis man trippen

    63. Gabriel

      How's ur day going 🧐

    64. Nicholas Yurrr

      I forgot about this like 2 years ago and he still funny asf

    65. omqRein

      Same glasses same nose

    66. Exhale

      Check @kushimba on TikTok he’s hilarious

    67. Fendi

      Everyone’s gonna be like but but you smile

    68. Tfubz

      4:04 miniklin lowkey looks like trarags with a blue hoodie

    69. Tolga Djanbaz

      Too bad miniklin I got caught in 4k

    70. Wxshxs


    71. BroStopAsking

      he was packing at the start

    72. it’s I N S A N E

      bro not 4k

    73. Exotic Frxsty

      I love my British ppl

    74. Parkolit

      4:35 Tra Rags is known as the 'Red Shirt Guy' is stronger than thanos and wins EVERY single arguement and fight we need to be scared of him

    75. Tamaki Amajiki

      He sounds a bit like Deji

    76. yeeties mic neateis

      the last one got me when I was drinking water and i almost died :(

    77. Eugene_Crabs

      0:54 pls somebody tell me where this if from 😭

    78. That boy JP

      bro gaining weight

    79. M o E M a Y M 0 d s

      ok so how your day is

    80. Kieran Lindberg


    81. J0s3ph Arch3r fbs!

      1:40, I cant be rude. Also him 2:05 dont be a pssy

    82. LAnotfrmLA

      It’s surprises me every time with his intros and the music he listens to, it’s hella different than I expected

    83. Phrase

      Get this nigga to watch longbeachgriffy

    84. Izzy Iz

      How is your day my g

    85. TheCinimaticMeets

      Whats the meme? I know it, but like has there been any meme like this before? Like past history

    86. PixelMate 49

      You should react to caleb city idk

    87. julianswrld!

      honestly my day's been pretty great thanks for asking. i went to get some new clothes for myself and grabbed some food which i later shat out bc of fast metabolism. now im just chilling watching your videos. how about you? *ps, your vids are top tier. i try to binge watch whenever i can to get a good laugh so thank you*

    88. ELITEtunes

      Miniklin.... u can’t pause mid vid my guy. Ur giving ur self time to chill🤦🏾‍♂️ cheatin ass 😂

      1. ELITEtunes

        @sozzi* ? U mad 😂

      2. sozzi*


    89. Katsuki

      How was your day Miniklin.

    90. Gamma Centauri

      Somehow if you don’t know about Tra Rags’ red shirt character, he is basically the character of ignorance; he instigates arguments by suggesting a lot of questions and the punch line usually is literally him punching somebody.

    91. QTokbubllleeeYT

      9:03 best clip bruh 😂

    92. Astral Chris

      lord farod tho

    93. Jake Barna

      Search darryl Mayes he is really funny

    94. Ride the Gamer

      Yo Wassup

    95. Balllicker 3000

      I actually reached, I feel betrayed

    96. Celestica

      the only funny part is the intro

    97. Ralf The gamer

      Damn 11k likes

    98. SquishyTomato29

      Why has this dudes sub count been the same for like 5 months

    99. KillerM2007

      Nate Robinson wanted to order A big smack 🍔 🥊

    100. Lukario

      He just caught 50k people in 4K simultaneously, he’s too powerful

      1. idkPURE

        50k people didn’t watch it