Kid Spends The Night With His Hot Step Mom


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    Kid Spends The Night With His Hot Step Mom And what happens after this actually shocking
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    1. Miniklin


      1. redkeysown

        WHAT BRO

      2. sheraz kiani


      3. redkeysown


      4. TMF_stats 大声笑

        Wen you realize that they had 5000 instead of 5 mill

      5. Not an opp


    2. Eryk Jefferson

      Speaking fax

    3. Hordika

      9:18 he said he took 50000 dollars not 5 million dollars

    4. CLG_rax

      Lol I liked with my pinky to I was already subed

    5. Dragon Jai


    6. Tatum Capehart

      Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh

    7. Tatum Capehart


    8. Tatum Capehart


    9. NΣ• DThunder

      Ma nigga she for the streets

    10. NΣ• DThunder


    11. NΣ• DThunder


    12. NΣ• DThunder

      - -

    13. iron wolf

      Mans should’ve slapt her

    14. actullywoke at 13

      I. Forereal liked the video with my small toe and typed this comment

      1. Mikailsayar03


    15. DZ Hrxzz

      I did it I pressed it with my little toe I told my mom and she unadopted me

    16. YoMySlime

      The fucking king is back

    17. Saist

      This my little toe

    18. Raiden Charles

      He was taking w ubtil he fell in love

    19. Raiden Charles

      2:21 i gotta hit it for the culture

    20. KFC Aron

      15 bruhs in the intel

    21. Fluffington

      I love the created with video editer water mark on the story

    22. Myls The Great


    23. TheoVfX

      Cherie Deville

    24. NF TRVLR


    25. ClownRoblox

      Are U british or something lol

      1. Miniklin


    26. GHOST AYT

      I already watched this animation but I watched the vid for the reaction

    27. Jaxon Longobrake

      What do y search in yt to find this video?

    28. Brubru Logh

      I simp for my step mom

    29. Lightning

      I am suffering from disbelief because this man really used *mom* 😳🔫

    30. SymbolsBlack

      I love this intro music 😂😂💯

    31. Bigdog ManXD

      He :( him :). Her I what money I what more when I meet her in real life I slap her hahah

    32. Bigdog ManXD

      My eyes

    33. KrispyGuac

      I'm 12 and these are good vids bruv

    34. damn_imnotsuprised

      link to outro song?

    35. bamboo art

      I'm going to block you you are bored.

    36. BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech

      5:30 tf my guy no i dont want to

    37. trip

      6ix9ine -

    38. FXP Sehr

      wtf is the thumbnail wth

    39. Adeola Sanusi

      Bro we all know its fake

    40. EagleFang


    41. covid 19


    42. DBL

      Maid gets railed by bbc

    43. Daniel Netflix?

      Wait if he recorded his dad won’t he be in the recordings,if he was working with his dad.

    44. Monkey Business CEO

      I can't comprehend what's happening in his videos any more. There's too much editing

      1. Monkey Business CEO

        @Miniklin I mean it's good editing but in the beginning it was overwhelming

      2. Miniklin

        Lol make up your mind

    45. Robert

      I see that new bed sheet tho its 🔥🔥

    46. Emid eagle DSKH

      The naruto 💀 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      I pushed notifications with my little toe and smashed the like button with my big toe

    48. Zz Z

      I liked the video with my toe....nigga

    49. Akile Caul

      It’s when it sad your mom book pro 9:24

    50. GeoidBurns

      I love how Vlogmas 2020 is his intro now 😂😂

    51. ッ

      4:14 Yo is that naruto guarding the house

    52. awdavi

      your funny 😭😭😭

    53. H20 vibes

      Ngl you would look like playboy Judah’s son

    54. Lincoln Olawale

      @4:40 why u say five mill u mean 50 thousand

    55. babyboy cam

      I wanna if these Stoney’s are real

    56. Kareem Sabbah

      Yo ehm am I on the right platform?😅

    57. Keith Lara

      To bad my dad left

    58. THY _ FUL

      So seananers?

    59. Calify

      Acting all gangster now you on yo knees

    60. travistrashbox


    61. Lucii

      Mini klin the absolute goat

    62. chasindabag _wolf

      Show ur face more

    63. Setsunai

      shit miniklin im 14 i cant watch you videos no more this sucks.

    64. Ghassan Mohammed

      Nooooo, this vid has no views

    65. Opticz

      I deadass liked with my little toe

    66. cash

      1:19 bars 🥵💯💯💯💯

    67. JIT_Nour Nijem


    68. No sjghnals

      Thats alot of bruvs

    69. KameÄsthètic

      Me who is under the age of 16 feeling like a badass

    70. AFG_savage 21

      I had ear buds on and every second this nigha was screaming 😂

    71. King Kuñta

      Just liked with my pinky toe. Keep up the good work miniklin

    72. JEB_

      At first I thought that this was real luckily it's not

    73. Ghosty


    74. Da_Merp Gaming

      Sweet home Alabama

    75. V3lcron_Seeker91

      Love you miniklin your funny af

    76. Luke Venter

      Vlogmas intro still slapping hard

    77. Oc echos Void leader

      What’s the name

    78. naj

      I would definitely clap

    79. King

      Pure Ls for this nigga

    80. Julio Casado

      Mario Judah WLR Reaction NOW

    81. Nathen Leach

      I hope you guys know this story is fake...

    82. SXBB

      fi liked with my toe lol took me a hot min

    83. Mr Goodtiger

      🎸 🎸 sweeet home Alabama

    84. Cesar Alonso


    85. Michael Ochoa

      funniest shit ever

    86. Raw Review

      U should make more scary vids

    87. Test

      Say it wit meeee THAT NIGGA A SIMPPPP

    88. CastleCard


    89. *Incoherent Screaming*

      FACE CAM!!!

    90. Menzum _

      5:32 ayo hold on bruh

    91. JDM

      Your brothers vids went from worse to better than your vids

    92. Eclipz W

      When vlogmas really ain’t even a vlog

    93. I'm sad lmao

      Thats my brother at the beginning 😂

    94. Black_Nova _




    96. jarl balgruuf

      Aren't we going to talk about he blackmailed his father and he could've just made deal to get the recordings and just destroy the evidence and get the SIMP in jaill

    97. JustTalkin Trizzy

      The king is back. Rise for the national anthem. *Hoes mad plays*

    98. This nigga Op

      Damn bro I’m 14 guess imma head out 🚶🏾‍♂️

    99. Johnny Sins

      Them dreams getting to you😎

    100. bigsmile

      0:00 YOS