Loser Makes Love Song For Pokimane & She Cringed Hard *CRINGE*


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    1. Miniklin

      Last video of the month. I’ll be back november

      1. Adam Stufflebeam

        Hay you’re a wizard miniklin

      2. op godz

        This nigga in the vid💀💀💀

      3. Whole Lotta Nard

        Whats the name of the outro song?

      4. vHatrxd

        Lol if ur a snowflake

      5. Theokaj


    2. 239Cue

      Lemme bump that poki poki real quick

    3. EDITZ X9X

      This guy is making people with the name or nickname Johnny look bad

    4. Dietrich Gill

      It starts at 9:45

    5. ANIME DEV

      poki poki

    6. Breadloafbtw

      whats the song of the intro

    7. Squirtamus Prime

      This song makes me want to commit toaster bath

    8. AB7 Fifa

      I actually just had to listen to that...

    9. Isak Is unknown

      This guy is fucking underated

    10. rustyowl19

      "Bro your a weenie" -Miniklin 2020

    11. Gavin Mcphail

      ᵐᶦⁿᶦᵏˡᶦⁿ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵉˢᵗ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ⁿᵒᶦᶜᵉ ᶜᵒⁿᵗᵉⁿᵗ

    12. Ethan Moreno

      What’s the song at the beginning

    13. Daddy

      "Poki poki you are my only only"... Thats made me cringe sooo hard and everything after that

    14. Xentenz

      The part when Poki poki you are my only only Thats cringe asf

    15. Eddie Love

      This cannot be cringe this is over cringe levels

    16. CadillacHanley

      Bro lil yachty don’t hit like miniklins outros

    17. Charley H

      oh miniklin miniklin ur my eboyy

    18. -AbPz- Gaming

      Your reaction was so funny 😂😂😂😂

    19. bean head

      This video is so blessed. I was losing 1-0 on fifa and I came back 2-1 and then he quit. Maybe the song low-key hit.

    20. Mitten guy

      Feels good to come back

    21. Human Bean100

      What's the intro music?

      1. Kieba

        Lil yachty- know me

    22. Miniramster_YT

      1:07 what’s the name of this song

      1. Kieba

        Know me- lil yachty

    23. NonPlyrCharacter

      Oh no

    24. KeyXPOISENX

      I was actually eating Doritos when you said that and I was like👀

    25. PWG PureSkls

      Looking back at this im cringing even more than before

    26. Nicole Mitchell

      I tried to last but when he said cozy cozy I just broke and I couldn't watch anymore

    27. Kaxmak

      10:18 this makes me want to harass someone

    28. eating bugs is my favorite Pastime

      This is the most shit song I eve i dony evens jhang ci dcant even spell anyone’s zo fucking. Scrounge e I wanna die now elndhj I can t even spell anyonre I can’t spell

      1. eating bugs is my favorite Pastime

        Translation:this song is shit I can’t spell anymore cause it’s so fucking bad e

    29. Chriک

      that dude should just stop streaming and uninstall twitch

    30. Jeremy Ortiz

      After hearing that song I had to isolate myself in the mountains

    31. Nino FN

      Wow tf did he know I was eating Doritos 🤨🤨🧐

    32. Uncle Siege

      Broooooo I made some real lyrics about real shit nigga

    33. rythmX


    34. Chelsea Burke

      Fun fact: pokimane in subtitles is Pokeman

    35. Unactive.

      Kfc, fanta. And miniklin. All you need in life

    36. Adam Stufflebeam

      10 months of therapy down the drain

    37. Adam Stufflebeam

      I spit my water everywhere

    38. Adam Stufflebeam

      Dolphins are the only other animal that has sex for pleasure

    39. Andres Infante

      what's the song called at 0:53

      1. Kieba

        Know me - lil yachty

    40. Malik Yarde

      alie this man should keep the intro

    41. Hollownp

      12:47 mans said the n word

      1. Who’s who

        What’s wrong about it?

    42. Solo Idiot

      had to give it a dislike for putting me though this pain

    43. Synxzzon60fps YT

      0:23 lmaoo

    44. da homie vincent

      Why have you shown me this wtf

    45. Travis Scott

      Imagine if she listened for a second and then just clicked off that honestly would have been better

    46. TG MAR

      tell me that you capping

    47. Demia Brown

      Naw he’s a basement version 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    48. Zak WRLD 999

      tf is this-

    49. AGIVEN

      Bro why have u done this too us 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    50. Anime God What If

      Literal agonizing pain of n my brain bruv

    51. Ghost Error

      Bro you can see his chat saying simp

    52. BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech

      Im actually dying of cringe

    53. BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech

      Nah shes a 6,5-7 tbf

    54. BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech

      This cringe should be illigal

    55. Jorge Ramirez

      Do more videos like this bc I like u roasting tf out of ppl

    56. slbfiel

      Can someone explain to me what's the hype over pokimane?? Like honestly. At best shes a 4-5. As a matter of fact boys I got a question for you all. POKIMANE OR A PS5?

      1. Pet Emporium


    57. Deoncuz

      bro i’m crying 😭 that shit was terrible

    58. all might gamer

      Bruh it's so funny it's so stupid as well I can't stop laughing

    59. Jokers_YT


    60. Numbers Boot61

      The fan in the back be like 😬

    61. Lucas Adams

      When the whenesday she does it again I screamed yikies

    62. YARI_BARI /


    63. Bxzerk

      Nigga why we simpin we for a thot news on the word that poki let tsm myth faze cizzorz and more hit so

    64. CadaverPlays

      Bruh, miniklin is the best at sponsors, I’d buy anything he would sell

    65. N0CT05LY

      Pussy claimed it :(

    66. AFG_savage 21

      I’m just watching cause of miniklin I wouldn’t be here watching this shiii if miniklin wasn’t here 😂😂😂😂

    67. Chris Harp

      i don’t think he understands that the guy made the video was ironic and meant to be cringe. it’s still to cringe for the irony to cancel out th cringe

    68. Gaming Novice

      The cringe got me weak

    69. OBEY DRXCO

      Simp lord

    70. Høt As Fries is lonely

      Can someone please tell me the outro song

    71. ¿

      The egg head kinda be blushing, but in the wrong way

    72. fn aqxiety

      Mans a SIMP

    73. NxtS4int MC

      If i just cut my ears off i wont have to hear it

    74. jerome the ghost


    75. KimboBTW

      Lmaoo i saw a chat message say simpoftheforest

    76. Trickle Vibes

      BRUHHHH I CANT BELEIVE YOU REACTED TO IT. I sent you this link, I cant remember which one of my IG accounts it was but I couldn't hold all this cringe to myself, thanks for reacting to this you reacted exactly how I thought bro that was fucking hilarious.

    77. BrUh

      YoU’rE a WeEnIe

    78. FearZentify

      bro i cant watch this i’m sorry bro😭

    79. TTV Nico

      Yo im dying😂😂😂 when he said you a weenie i shit myslef

      1. TTV Nico

        I mean shat

    80. LIT AKDA


    81. fivosred

      i almost died fr

    82. Elijah Medina

      6:15 LMAOO

    83. Elijah Medina

      she’s no 8 or 9 i’ll settle at like 5 or 6

      1. Tummytuck Lom

        Not even that honestly

    84. Blue Spikes

      I was waiting so long for the worst song in existence.

    85. Ambrose Escobar


    86. Sneky

      myy ears 😭😭 thats all i gotta say

    87. Sneky

      watching a stream watching s stream

    88. Francois Fouche

      This wasnt a love song and if you go watch his video then you will find out that she asked if he could make a song🤣

    89. RLM

      He's ain't one glizzy he is TWO GLIZZIES

    90. Thando Manana

      Sounds like a Bieber song🤔

    91. Hamster _


    92. TFØ* ur mom

      Morgz mum has better bars

    93. Robert Trass

      My face when bruh

    94. Cxnn_or

      Miniklin deserves so many more subscribers, he can make the most cringe songs into the funniest shit ever.

    95. TheAnxoiusHero

      I feel bad for her at this point

    96. DuckysWRLD

      Why can Miniklin make sponsors interesting.........

    97. Wuik


    98. Trishann Kingdom


    99. Miniramster_YT

      1:00 song

      1. Kieba

        Know me - lil yachty

    100. squishyboloney

      how do you make the audio that loud 0:24