Asian Lady Eats Coochie For A Mukbang


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    so today we are looking at this video where this Sick Asian Lady Eats Coochie For A Mukbang. enjoy?
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    1. Miniklin

      Like & sub :) comment and I’ll reply :)

      1. Tom Nook

        And it got age restricted

      2. Milk Tea

        The coochie is apparently abalone

      3. Shomie

        I can't believe was eating a penis fish raw

      4. loljuddy

        U have ti have a minimum of 10 seconds between funny shit for i might die from lack of air

      5. Akile Caul

        Morgz is leaving IRvision you could see it on his channel

    2. Erick Delgadillo

      They probably got it from petsmart

    3. ItsKahlil


    4. your ma virgin

      10:57 She sound like she said 'Soulja boy'

    5. camera Man

      Lmao this got age restricted and the vid hes watching is not?

    6. BlazY

      Bruh literally all the woman eating shit are being held hostage

    7. Jorrox

      Why dis Got age restricted ? IRvision is stupid

    8. leSovietdoggo

      I follow ur snapchat

    9. Laxatives Nate

      Bro your gaining weight 😐

      1. ツJamez


    10. Mega Poobi

      why does this nigga always have a long ass intro

    11. Spider- Alien1

      She put that dance sauce on it and it started shmoving

    12. Beth Stebbins

      I am about to throw up from seeing this but this is a good video not not the one he's watching

    13. Beth Stebbins

      What the hell is that what type of food are these

    14. Beth Stebbins


    15. TrumpForever

      Ah yes, you know a miiklin video is good when IRvision age restricted it

    16. Jaden Asino

      The pu**y looking thing is a molisk and the d*ck looking thing is called angel duck and the black sauce is soya sauce

    17. 34 - Abdul Hannan

      7:17 why that for real look like that tho

    18. Shinobi Kai

      I heard Miniklin still gaging today

    19. Shinobi Kai

      I heard she still gaging today

    20. Shinobi Kai

      Its bussin

    21. Rated_Lux

      12:59 it’s a gouchie plant

    22. Rated_Lux

      8:38 deadass eating grass

    23. BOON!

      wooow age-restricted.

    24. Leon JOHNSON

      Song at 10:33?

    25. shamoy

      No cap the reason I subscribe to miniklin Channel is because of the memes I'm dead laughing 2:14

    26. Fluffington

      Yo his videos are too funny

    27. Nico_upside YT

      I wanna know do you even make money their always a disclaimer in your vid like your so funny but cringe sometime like that poki poki song

    28. The .Shrine


    29. Rxverse

      16:08 Lmaooooo

    30. Minecraft Minecraft

      i swear hes never in his chair when the video starts

    31. Spinks FF

      All the food she is eating is alive😂😂😂

    32. SoloPAC

      Bro im over here eating rice, and that bih over there eating the ocean

    33. TheBluePlayer

      The dick is a geoduck the other coochie is unknown

    34. Douglas Canales

      It's a sea snail

    35. Pvrvdox

      Anyone know the name of the song @ 10:38 ?

    36. AFG_savage 21

      Bro miniklin is so underrated and it’s sad

    37. lilCapalot

      how has your day been MiniKlin?

    38. DEMONおなら

      when i tell you EVERY VIDEO he makes has me crying laughing bro like i deadass be needing tissues for my eyes fam like i be lookin like i just got broken up with and was sulking for 2 days straight

    39. Mr wonka

      CoOochIE COoChiE COoChIe

    40. Supa Novaツ

      Woman boutta eat some coochie

    41. Y_Strong Sensei

      Holy shit you gained so much weight from last time I watched you

      1. vkuri !


    42. Nasir Stoke

      I can’t live😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    43. Going 90mph

      9:36 wait a damn min

    44. George Playz Roblox

      They get it from wuhan china

    45. PsychicIsland 74

      I honestly feel bad for the eaten animals, just to be wasted like that

    46. ASW


    47. Sam Parker

      I hate mukbang, it literally puts me off fast food and food in general

    48. DeadEyeRoyal


      1. DeadEyeRoyal

        @vkuri ! you have 9 subs eww

      2. vkuri !

        you play fortnite that’s ew

    49. Name_fn TTV

      I'm dead

    50. Kaydondon

      im the one who made it 6.2 k likes

    51. Taytrice Richeme

      the girl lost more calories trying to open the food,

    52. Kai Playz

      Idk how she dont know how to eat shrimp lol

    53. hsusus mAtmi

      My man eating...

    54. Da _ CHIEF

      Were can I find the “ see is it’s the she shit I’m talking about “ meme ?

    55. sly

      12:08 is literally godly 🤣🤣🤣😂

    56. Wavey's Law

      ngl idk how i used to think this nigga was funny maybe my sense of humour changed

    57. Samuel Rodriguez

      Canned coochie


      the people who disliked are the people eating the same food

    59. Reezy

      That title had me thinking I was on the wrong website

    60. ShiKae

      12:50 he asking because he want some

    61. ShiKae

      5:03 Chew it bruh?

    62. Cooldbs

      12:44 when you tell your teacher your dog ate your homework

    63. imJustGokuuFx

      How do they genuinely enjoy that food...😭KLINSTER GANG💪😹

    64. FNC flames

      She said daddy 8:24

    65. ElijahtheMAAN

      The pussy is alive



    67. Darren Michaud

      these videos are so weird

    68. ŇĂWŁ_ ÑBƏ

      Now we know not to give her a bbc

    69. FFEXMemes_

      the first lady ate it without cooking it 😐

    70. Game Review

      You wont reply Twomad moment washashumga

    71. FNG Clxmzyz

      why did i click on this vid? idfk

    72. Styles283

      12:06 Sir what is the speciesism It’s some type of bottom feeder Get me that creature But sir.. GET ME THAT CREATURE

    73. chuyFN

      bro I was eating cereal while watching this 😣

    74. Deleted Husky

      Bro I miss the beyond scared straight videos

    75. Jacob Williams

      13:20 it’s a sea slug

    76. shooe

      12:07 bruh I spit out my water

    77. Jacob Williams

      Mountain of seasoning on the spoon. One bite of that and you will wither away

    78. Jacob Williams

      00:5 when you see an alien eating human in the distance in a forest

    79. Trail of Assassin

      Bro you’re so cringe idk why I’m subscribed to you lol

    80. DAronzo

      If u gonna struggle that bad to bite som u shouldn't be eatin it

    81. Jordin Crenshaw

      i guess my sister is getting the strap on from my best friend

    82. Daejhaun Foster

      Wa shangshan liang "N!GGA" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm black irk so I can say nigga

    83. Shomie

      U should react to one where its a mukban where a woman eats turtle, dogs, cats duck that are like embreos, i think the channel is hungry bang

    84. Goku super 5 Nerf

      Those are unknown substance she’s eating

    85. Stephen Kelly

      I like the new intro I wasn't here for a while but hey I'm back

    86. Eclipse


    87. Clipz

      Looking kinda cute today bro 🧐

    88. L

      Thought we were ordering Japanese not eatting it

    89. Donsmit

      Some of these mukbangers need to be locked up

    90. bad vibezz


    91. Demetria Ware

      zach choi bruh

    92. Ulos1

      Yea I’m fine

    93. Nintendo Tutorials & Gameplays

      Woah haven't been here since about 86 k subs your channel has grown a fuckton

    94. GhostStyle

      You got more than 468k subs you had 468k for so long

    95. King-david Hughton

      10:34 what song is this i gotta know

    96. Periodic


    97. Yung Kai

      I like how I’m eating and watch this lol😂

    98. ChaseBin

      i swear i laugh at nothing but this dude bro

    99. AnielSucks

      intro song?

    100. Mason Piker’s Mayonnaise

      can you react to Life of Luxury