I Caught My Little Brother Doing This On OMEGLE


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    Balarke: irvision.info
    RIGHT so today im reacting to my little brother going on omegle..thats it.
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    1. Miniklin

      Bruh!? Like & comment & sub

      1. Ami Iverson


      2. Gerrard Jr

        I did all but I'm in the US

      3. BatShadow24Anime

        Your own brother ratiod you on your channel lmfao

      4. Ian K Gerena Santiago

        My mom unsub (smd)

      5. Naruto uzumaki

        Rahhhh mans ate the old minklin like dis is attack on Titan

    2. Cakes Dayz

      11:05 Miniklin: *She's ten* Bro had me rolling in tears

    3. Jayden Van Samson

      React to another one or else men

    4. Alexnlmb

      Tell me the intro song shit was 🔥

    5. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon......

      1. X D

        Nigga stop spamming

    6. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2.....

    7. Xanz

      what da dog doin

    8. Jah

      caught in 4k

    9. Christiaan Deysel

      U call em devin nugget jeans

    10. jake from state farm


    11. luckyclipz .v2

      I just cringed u 20 seconds lol balarkie weird

    12. Swyft646

      Its been recorded 2 weeks ago but it feels like it was 2 months or a month ago

    13. sløthbøy

      balarke gives us, the funny

    14. vee jr

      Your brother intro is epic

    15. I I I

      13:23 😂😂😂

    16. TooMuch Breezy

      Miniklin “how to get unlimited” im not gonna finish it just think about it

    17. Heimei's clipbot

      your brothers intros are whacky AS HELL

    18. mayanaise

      aye u rlly came for that girl's hair when u have the same hairstyle

    19. Ciwi 1


    20. Redux

      he be lookin like a discord mod rn

    21. Young Editer whiskey

      Balarke funny

    22. Silver Ace

      Oh pip pip cheerio and all that mate

    23. Tobio Kageyama

      When she said 13 I stoped doing what I was doing and said “uh Uh” “that ain’t gonna work”

    24. Jeremie Etienne

      mate i catfished someone for an hour mug thinks he has a gitl LMAO.

    25. Allen Richiez

      When she said 13 that straight up had me like”.......niga what?

    26. Perfecter Cell

      10k likes 😳 you know what that means

    27. Kaisix9

      For some reason you and your brother remind me of pink in the brain

    28. ANA studio

      4k 📸📸📸📸

    29. Kurisu

      He's such a fucking weeb😂

    30. notJay

      intro song is another day by trippie tedd btw

    31. Nrg fxtxur

      10:31 oh Cheerios

    32. Ripxxx Ripalloryallupthere

      Ur brother

    33. callox mane

      Balarke is the most sus guy in youtube.

    34. Terenxe

      Your lil brother is just like you

    35. Joseph Flores Benitez

      Everybody sees a mic hanging from the side and they're like: Do You StrEam?

    36. Santiinator

      make another video on his newest one O.O

    37. Thizz Bizz

      What the outro song called

    38. Itsuki

      I'm Late aff damn

    39. Purnima Dolly

      9:23 their reaction on their faces are like "I am gonna have cops at my door"

    40. koles a qt

      your brothers

      1. ismail


    41. Shyel S


    42. Wrusty

      10:41 no its not shush

    43. Ve1ez

      Ngl miniklin can make any intro look good with just some random bullshit, a fire song and a little bit of editing

    44. Supa Novaツ

      Both him fighting the body pillow was hilarious I’m a weeb to do I understand too lol

    45. Rated_Lux

      What he just giving god the guack guack 3000

    46. Echo


    47. Chance Five


    48. GoldenWarrior

      On your second channel you should do gaming videos

    49. Jayden Philander

      I'm South African

    50. Jet Prusinski

      Dis nigga gay

    51. mahoez 808

      10:26, what if Iʻm from Hawaii, we donʻt do that over here.

    52. Alyssa Kelly

      Lmaooo shut upppp cheerio he said Noooo

    53. hey xeno

      Bruh ya boy gay AF 4k no homo don't count u can't come back from this IDC if its staged he gay

    54. Jack Boys_

      What that intro song?

    55. Drew FN

      Ngl he’s more funnyer

    56. Toxic.8.26

      man i have a bad headache but watching this makes me smile and feel way better

    57. Drip Jesus

      You need to react to another bruh

    58. Dr. Aesthetic

      Balarke's intros way more retarded xD

    59. Multi Frags

      iam from lebanon not the us did u just assume my?.. jk

    60. Musa Tashtanov

      Miniklin u changed man..... U changed

    61. Cameron Hawthorn

      U need to do more collabs with your bro

    62. Eobard Thawne

      Yo why u lost many viewers tho?

    63. Zabu

      I been here for a long time where's 500k?

    64. Official Ghost

      You’ve been stuck on 400k for a year now and it’s annoying

    65. Taco Man poop

      he a big boy

    66. Young Carmel

      Ask him how he got shadowbanned

    67. Ami Iverson


    68. Camden Garrison

      U look like tra rags with a afro

    69. Adam shingara jr

      I am Mexican and I say the same about America

    70. Adam shingara jr

      Your brothers sucks

      1. ismail


    71. Dripché Ghxulium

      BRUH 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    72. Chipx

      0:46 when pink sus

    73. G. A.

      Ur brother is a genius



    75. CritiX

      Balarke is blessed

    76. Stan Grant

      From Manchester U.K. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇦🇺

    77. F&DPlayzGames

      YO MINI! can u make a vid bout jaystation one more time? He's BANNED from IRvision! MAKE A VID BOUT JAYSTATION GOT BANNED!


      FINALLY 1080p

    79. QfrmNHG

      my boi bAck with the uploads

    80. QfrmNHG


    81. QfrmNHG


    82. Toxic_EKH

      Really Nigga

    83. Not Sling

      You're balding

    84. Eduardo AdrianL

      Damn missed the premiere cuz IRvision unsubscribed me smh

    85. Funny Fudge

      I fractured my arm and laughed through the pain because of this.

    86. blendify

      bring back balarke dancing in the intro

      1. ismail


    87. NKCGamer115

      Keep the music intros make them longer they so pog


      I haven't laughed in a long time thanks for making me laugh😂 ur videos are always awesome bro keep it up

    89. Julien Morales

      that intro was heat

    90. Melissa Hernandez

      whats the song called from intro?

    91. NGN 4K CHOPPA

      damn i already miss the old intro tbh :(


      Bro we got it. You got a new chair

    93. YoitsBoomer

      I thought you had 2 million subs?

    94. POOP butt69

      19 dollar in game currency who amongst u would want it

    95. Blake Pittman


    96. YRG Zero

      Miniklin do be caked up

    97. NarutoxKenshin

      Wait that’s your brother e

    98. BatShadow24Anime

      Your bro

    99. Tactical Blaze

      I love this channle

    100. luhalbert_

      at least miniklin has a better upload schedule than ceeday😂