Most Cursed Videos On The Internet!


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    RIGHT SO today im Reacting to the Most Terrifying Cursed Videos On IRvision 2021
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    1. Miniklin

      10k likes in a day 4 part 2 (good luck channels d3ad) Like & subscribe

      1. Light sprite

        @RailMePleaseシ Do you remember where you got it from?

      2. RailMePleaseシ

        @Light sprite oh. Idk how to send you them so- o(╥﹏╥)o

      3. Light sprite

        @RailMePleaseシ yeah.

      4. RailMePleaseシ

        @Light sprite You want my PFP ? (´・_・`)

      5. Light sprite

        @RailMePleaseシ Dude wut? I only want the source to your profile pic.

    2. Buzza On The Block

      I didn't jump cos I was picking up my sausage roll

    3. Alex Chiasson

      yoI think I forgot to jump at the beginning of the video

    4. MiLx_ Shine


    5. MiLx_ Shine


    6. MiLx_ Shine


    7. MiLx_ Shine


    8. ZAZI

      Im I the only one who just realised that the video is in 1080p😩

    9. Marcelino Ramirez

      0:11 no I didn't


      I lost it when he said its just a flying n***a

    11. Flaskuz 4T


    12. Echo


    13. OS - 04ZZ 835826 Barondale PS

      He got mee

    14. Devtosaucy

      Miniklin fault I’m watching this at night 😭

    15. Rated_Lux

      You jumped Me who didn’t jumped: yeah ight

    16. __GAMESPACE __

      The thing that was coming out of the bug was a parasite, basically it turn whatever it is ranging from animals/bugs/ or even humans i think into zombies

    17. Samurai Clanz777

      The dude at 5:19 shit his pants that’s why he did that face 😂

    18. Zachary Keane

      “Do not watch at night” he says “we are watching cursed scary videos” he says. I’m watching at night cuz I cba to not be scared before I sleep

    19. Nexylol

      11:40 I got the shit scared out of me

    20. Elicia pragliola

      I’d love to watch miniklin play a horror game 😂💀✨

    21. Scarred

      *Demon in thumbnail* the 666 in the back “iM tHe sTaR”

    22. MouseRat

      Me in creative mode looking for a flat land to build: 10:05

    23. Hector Jimenez

      I wasn’t scared I swear

    24. Christopher Cruz

      I don’t claim this negative energy ✝️🙏🏼

    25. Yung KASHNETIC

      3:48 lightskin miniklin

    26. JJ Ros

      Miniklin and dontai r carrying IRvision rn

    27. Saucy Man

      i didn’t.🐸

    28. Jaidyn Thompson

      12:50 my mans don't know what an ac is

    29. leSovietdoggo

      I stg I would have chucked the damn shovel if that thing moved

    30. Barack Obama

      10:09 Kanye

    31. Dusty Yute

      @Miniklin i feel like you are gonna quit because of the views. please dont quit beg

    32. hmm

      is that jesus christ?

    33. FreddyFarted

      I found him on the video where the kid that cusses at his mum

    34. NotWispy

      Miniklin is op

    35. Rockabilly Joe

      yo props to miniklin for skipping that one holy crap😂

    36. Spo0k

      You should react to trollge incidents

    37. Blxckhoodie

      Holy fuck the intro😭😭

    38. INERT Z-K

      the 2nd video was proven to be fake

    39. leon the lion

      Black people are smart enough not to do dumb shit like walk into a creepy foreast

    40. AllergicSeaGaming

      i watched the whole video with my phone a meter away from my face

    41. Fe4Rlezz cz

      10:06 Creative mode

    42. mmm monke

      every friken time man, how does CAATCH ME IN 4K every time im a sick and tired of this.

    43. Amir Falcon

      When he said is this a flying ni**a amd i saw that it was pure black i was like "OK UHH"

    44. KimboBTW


    45. KimboBTW

      Tf my guy u were the one to jumpscare me on the ronald mcdonald one

    46. KimboBTW

      4:23 yo ryuk tf u doin here

    47. Cozy Ninja YT

      I was not cough in 4k but I wish I was because it's so funny

    48. Roasting Fire

      Shit it's night time..... FUCK IT IM GOIN IN

    49. Vincent Barnett

      My day is good

    50. cg! 5585

      miniklin why u kinda look like goomba

    51. Pyscho Bane


    52. Implicit Questioners

      watching at 12 am wish me luck

    53. Soublo

      me in the comments on my phone cz i’m scared😭

    54. goassling boy

      i was watching the beginning in the bathroom and i pissed on the wall(thank you miniklin)

    55. samuel asiamah

      I might have jumped in the beginning but at least my prince ain’t dead 😂

    56. Youngcartiglover

      Wassus bro I been waiting for a while😅

    57. Elite Ash

      5:38 I know you not talking with yo big ass nose

    58. Paradox is dead

      Btw 8:01 are skinwalkers it's usually mimicking a humans voice to lead them towards that way but chance of it being fake too

    59. JustKayys

      its always “welcome back to the miklin chanel how u guys doing how u guys been” time for a change ,, how are u miniklin edit: 10:07 got me dead 😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Pp Suck

      Is that a gorilla lmaooooooo

    61. Cameron Hambrick

      It makes me happy we you upload THANKYOU!

    62. Ricky Jones

      I would never be in this situation because of my skin color. I would be GONE

    63. Isak Is unknown

      Man like uncle miniklin

    64. m1

      That 1 nigga at the end took a picture with a methhead binweevil

    65. LustyFalls

      The Prince died

    66. NotDaniel

      ITS TIME 😈💛💛💛 and ye by the way im Early 😏💛💛

    67. Theokaj

      Ayo the human spider one acctualy gave me nightmares lol

    68. TreyTheChosen

      10:47 my manz entered creative mode

    69. Astro Nuqilt

      og klin is back

    70. smiley

      ngl i watched at nigh turned it off then i watched it at day

    71. Xoticc

      Klin got that cuban

    72. N0CT05LY

      Miniklins intros hits different

    73. freddie grant

      I’m watching this at 4am bruh 😭

    74. Kentic

      fucking hell i watched this at night

    75. Rockin Robin

      Ok but you need to talk about the cursed IRvision channel AGENT RR😌

    76. 4g

      good wbu

    77. el Rubio

      13:32 luckily for me I’m watching at 1 am bitch

    78. Yung Oreo

      12:09 logan Paul be like

    79. issacc renteria

      Ayy can you make a video on the most disturbing 911 calls

    80. matt dxstined

      me watching this at 12:30am: 👴🏿

    81. Yrnjc

      I did not jump bro

    82. Lil Felix7

      Sad thing is that he caught me in 4K while takin a shit😭

    83. Xytheus - Grand Cross

      someone make a scary funny try not to laught compilation for miniklin he will defo laugh

    84. FaZe_megga Man

      Today has been fucking crazy I went down the road and saw a crackhead dancing to the og fortnite music then my guy started doing squats on a slide at the park

      1. Scary2k

        Damn that sounds crazy 😂

    85. Ludwig Van Beethoven

      he's back lol you just got peepee poopood reply to someone else to unpeepee poopoo urself

    86. wolverine bitch ass

      I didn't jump at the beginning miniklin 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    87. bean head

      The one with the girl saying bye is not cursed lol

    88. Legit_boss

      Miniklin is the best IRvisionr that never clickbaits

    89. Daddy Moyotl

      Minikiln have you watched Godzilla vs Kong ????????

    90. Not A Ceo

      In my house i found handprints of a guy a really tall one even though my grandpa and dad are dead

    91. Skylon The Dragon

      Im doing ok today, also did you know *E*

    92. Spikey_ Lemonface

      Plzz I'm tired of getting caught in 4k

    93. Cyphon

      I been great and my day is now even better since you uploaded :) how's your day been?

    94. Joseph Vaca

      This whole video was macking me laugh so hard and when he said ima kick the shit out that lil dude I died

    95. the devil raian kure

      Is it me or is miniklins new intro such a fucking vibe

    96. Samuel Tabares

      You are beata

    97. PlacFn

      Why u delete ur vid just now??)

    98. Ralf The gamer

      Its funnier when you actually know spanish

    99. X4LEN

      What’s the song of your new intro??

    100. Jay Lopez

      Wtf was that clip “ is that Jesus Christ”