Guy Makes Out With His Grandma For The New PS5......(TOO FAR)


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    SO today we are reacting to this Guy Makes Out With His Grandma For The New PS5...yes for the playstation 5? its getting real i guess.
    #ps5 #funny
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    1. Miniklin

      This one crazy frfrfrfrfrfrfr

      1. xSUPREMEx X

        Do be like that tho

      2. tijuanataco2006

        Hashtag demonitized

      3. Jimmy the bear

        😱oh why

      4. Pet Emporium

        @Cool so early, right?

      5. Cool

        Early premiere squad

    2. pateq

      Her hair FUCKING WHITE

    3. pateq

      Haha, bitch did it with my nail 25 years old MAX

    4. OK we gaming

      I was actually able to like the video with my finger nail

    5. Barkalow Gaming

      He’s getting her money when she’s dead

    6. Mr Doge


    7. NinjaBreadCrumb

      ayy i mean if im hittin 😳😳

    8. theking721 theking721

      1:45 me 45

    9. Dragon Jai

      breh was eating pound cake ;-;

    10. Dragon Jai

      grandma was on sale ☠️

    11. KamiRoll

      bro that guy is down bad to the bone

    12. cpentagram

      Goo Vid 😂 u made me laugh my ass off with them roasts lmaoooooo

    13. Ethan Reson

      This me the granny general

    14. Adam Stufflebeam

      If she was in package don’t ask why the package would be labeled fragile don’t move

    15. Adam Stufflebeam

      When they kiss

    16. Adam Stufflebeam

      It looks like a gecko eating a fly

    17. Adam Stufflebeam

      She’s a mommy

    18. Adam Stufflebeam

      I did it I liked the video with my misplaying finger on a I phone

    19. Cameron Milne

      Bra I was drinking coffee and that granma kissing scene bra I had to hold that coffee in bro I was about to get sick

    20. everardosumano

      We shouldn’t be spreading hate or cursing or using God’s name in vain. We should all repent from our sins for we have all fallen short of the glory of God. Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ and God.

    21. VerifiedEclxspeツ

      I liked with my nail I swear

    22. Adrian Lopez

      Eeeeeewwwwww no just cute girl’s I only kiss cute girl’s

    23. Physicz

      What if she starts fading away like a thanos snap right when she said she still feels young

    24. Sqonic

      this one is too much im clickin of

    25. bnzs Tp

      My a livening fossil

    26. desmond danuy

      I was watching him when I was getting my new dog he was happy know he jump when he hear miniklin

    27. NKCGamer115


    28. Mr Detester

      6 years ago so she must be around 97-98 she is most likely dead, i wonder how he felt when she died

    29. 『Yorokz』

      “Nah she looks dead” 🤣😂🤣😂

    30. Teaire


    31. King Good Vibes


    32. ProdBySLaYeR

      12 minutes of Miniklin Roasting A 91 Year Old Granny😂

    33. HG Dotty


    34. BRNooby

      Damn my nigga

    35. Andrew Papazotøs

      7:08 i was eating

    36. 7b ي

      Nice video

    37. Richard Brown

      I like how he showed a fridge🤣🤣🤣

    38. Jim Dumb


    39. Big Red

      I’m not playing I did it with my nail😂

    40. William Flowers

      miniklin be havin me absolutely dyingggg

    41. Slender iOS

      9:43 😭😭😭

    42. Jeremy Ortiz

      Y did the cameraman zoom on the guy LMFAO

    43. Shut up Disrespectfully

      Liking with nail really miniklin that was easy

    44. Kool

      Early premier squaddddd

    45. Wonaruto Animations

      early premiere squad Im in ur stream

    46. Debris


    47. Foxycatgamer30


    48. sandilesandncube

      She looks like a corpse

    49. beatsxxx world star

      Man was the granny the whole video😅😅😅

    50. Marcus Codio

      I’m dead “she look like her breath stink” 😂😭😭🤣

    51. GHOST AYT

      We had some genuine miniklin laughs in this one bois

    52. Talentless Yh

      The camera man is recording with one hand

    53. Ajax 27

      Just imagine if he went to see her parents

    54. CesaR1251

      Bro the edits murdered me😂😂😂

    55. Thee Dank

      You know mah boi secured the ps5

    56. Playboi Carti

      This could be us miniklin but you plAying

    57. · нєllѕєит ·

      Mans clapping them 200BC cheeks

    58. 8K.KJSWAY

      Y does miniklin not have 1M by now so underrated

    59. Demetrius Damarcus bartholomew James lll jr

      I liked with my nail😭

    60. joshy hungy

      For a ps5

    61. Asteroid

      Yo freaking n&a production's has a song called bust down and its hella cring

    62. Deborah Hammonds

      Bro react to flight reacts pleaseeeee

    63. Swag Lord

      9:45 What tf miniklin u must of missed this

    64. Ethan Ve

      I recommend reacting to Mr.Nightmare he is a IRvision who tells scary stories you could react to one of his Christmas videos🤔


      Mans tryna secure that 3090

    66. Josiah Neal

      Wdym too far I'd do that shit too anyone else?

    67. z Ninja

      HELLL no i wouldnt bruh he gettin sumin for a fact

    68. ebay_147


    69. ᗯIᒪᒪ ᒍOᑎEᔕ

      my nan is 101 years old and still looks better than her

    70. Alex Chinov

      If she shows up at my house I’m calling ghostbusters

    71. HellogoodmorningmynameisToyko XD

      Hi u guys I might be ur first 9yr old klinster bec I’m tired of watching fake people like Morgs espically after u exposed him I watched some of ur vids on my phone and ur not fake and I actually like ur content I’ve also seen that u have been struggling with depression Keep ur head up bro😊😊

    72. Lewis Taylor

      This guy's channel is dying.

      1. Lewis Taylor

        @Simplyken his IRvision posts keep coming up in my reccomended so i went to check his views and likes.

      2. Simplyken

        Yet here you are under his video giving him an extra view and a extra dollar 🤡

      3. Miniklin

        Keep that same energy next year my boy lol

    73. Chloe Reed

      idk why u saying nigga i dont bileve u black

      1. D boi

        Your trolling right?

      2. Simplyken

        Your so stupid he’s like light skin mixed with black

    74. FadedVibesUwU 60 FPS

      9:47 when the women ur doing it with is older than mum O_O

    75. Stellar On twitch

      a ps5 a ps5

    76. ErikBfdJR -


    77. Big American

      “People below the age of 16 don’t watch my vids or you wil cry” me at 14 laughing my ass of

    78. Elicia pragliola

      Editing is fire as usual 🔥✨

    79. Elicia pragliola

      This was one of t funniest videos I’ve seen all year man 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    80. YaBoiSycho

      When he said grey pussy hair I lost it 🤣🤣🤣

    81. lunarrgx

      bro minis clickbate don't even matter i just click when I see bro upload

    82. Nyxoy!

      HOLY SHIT 1080p HOLY SHIT This is cap

    83. Ranger-Station

      At 4:11 I literally died😂

    84. Abstars Gaming

      If satan was a person it would be miniklin

    85. kai barkers

      Imdontai collab?

    86. 239Cue

      The sound is kinda messed up when it say vlogmas 2020

    87. slushッ

      idc i aint no snowflake im 14 tho

    88. elsie jones


    89. elsie jones

      if miniklin doesnt reply he likes his nan

    90. tre berry

      Cochise just released a new song check it out

    91. VGC Very Good Comedy

      I love his laugh lol

    92. ŁONIKS

      “I need my whuaha” 😂😂

    93. I shave

      there are 15 “bruh”s in the vlogmas intro

    94. Tsuki-San

      Awesome idea, go on omegle.



    96. YXNG MGL

      id do it fo a bigger house🤣 or a car👀

    97. Lux

      Ong she looked dead 😂

    98. Mathew Vivar

      Try to like with your tongue

    99. Jay KingReaper

      I liked it with my nail first try

    100. Tyannnz

      3:17 “Nah she’s looks dead” 😂😂😂